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Whitepaper: The State of Infrastructure: Remote Management Gains Traction

by Transformation EnablersJan 05, 2009

The State of Infrastructure: Remote Management Gains Traction, an exclusive research study conducted by TechWeb, reveals that the market for remote infrastructure management (RIM) services is growing - especially in these tight economic times - as more companies turn to the remote delivery of services (often from lower cost sites globally) to increase businesses efficiencies and effectiveness, and to control costs without hurting performance or increasing full-time staff. Common services provided include mainframe, network (voice and data services), help desk services and many others. Buyers like the idea that they can lock into outsourcers� core competency in handling these matters. And the ability of service providers to deliver on their promises has certainly matured since their beginnings earlier this decade. Today, providers deliver services through highly trained, certified engineers from network operation centers (NOCs) that are designed to withstand just about any force nature can throw at them. In addition, many RIM providers today have multiple world-class NOCs operating throughout the globe, including locations in the US, India and Asia Pacific.

Research Report: The State of Business Intelligence

by Transformation EnablersDec 01, 2008

As enterprise applications generate a growing volume of data, it�s imperative that companies turn that information into knowledge the business can use to drive more sales, compete better in global markets, and much more. This exclusive research study conducted by TechWeb reveals that many organizations have seen success with their BI implementations to achieve these ends, but some still struggle.

Research Report: The State of Business

by Transformation EnablersOct 27, 2008

Alignment between IT operations and strategic business priorities is critical to remaining competitive in today�s fast-paced, global and digital economy. This exclusive research study conducted by TechWeb explores the emerging business priorities and challenges faced by organizations, and quantifies how enterprise IT organizations are changing in response to key business trends in the global economy. It also provides some perspective on whether IT leadership is prepared for new challenges created by the financial crisis. The report identifies critical business and economic trends that are defining global corporate strategies, and assesses the impact these trends and strategies are having on the CIO function.

Whitepaper: State of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Research

by Transformation EnablersSep 24, 2008

ERP applications have helped many companies tranform the way they do business. It is thus critical that organizations have an optimal and effective ERP environment, and have an ERP road map that addresses their long-term business needs.

This exclusive TechWeb study explores what factors are influencing corporate ERP upgrade strategies, and how organizations hope to use them to enable the next wave of transformation.

Whitepaper: The State of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Exclusive Research

by Transformation EnablersAug 20, 2008

Organizations are using SOA to speed application development and facilitate business process optimization plans, according to a new TechWeb survey. In these early days of SOA deployments, most companies are satisfied with their progress�but only about one-quarter rate their success as "exceptional."

Whitepaper: State of Business Process Outsourcing

by Transformation EnablersJul 14, 2008

Saving Costs and Adding Value: Companies increasingly are considering how business process outsourcing can help them not only decrease costs, but also increase profits and help them transform their business.