NETGEAR is a global networking company that makes business class networking, storage and security solutions without cost and complexity of traditional monolithic vendors. Over 18 million businesses worldwide have deployed NETGEAR business solutions, in large part because these solutions have been designed from the ground up specifically for business use. For over a decade, we have delivered more than 800,000 TB of storage, 120M Ethernet ports and 2 million firewalls to businesses worldwide. NETGEAR offers industry leading warranties, 24x7 technical support in 16 languages and works with 39,000 partners worldwide.

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Whitepaper: 7 Ways IT Creates Security Breaches and How to Fix Them Right Now

by NETGEAROct 01, 2011

Firewalls occupy a trusted position at the network's edge by examining traffic passing through packet by packet, and block anything their rules say looks suspicious. Those rules were, and still are, pretty simple keep hackers and malware from exploiting any of the thousands of protocols and ports available on any typical computer or business network. Today?s threats are more complex, move faster, and exploit more vulnerabilities than 1994-era technologies ever anticipated.

New technologies combine traditional firewall technologies with new, cloud-based services that address these threats and even combat more sophisticated exploits of application vulnerabilities. This paper discusses 7 ways to address security breaches and implement immediate fixes.

Whitepaper: Rethinking Backup and Recovery: Disk vs. Tape

by NETGEAROct 01, 2011

This paper outlines the issues a business should consider in evaluating and planning a transition from tape to disk storage for its backup and recovery environment, and details the technical and business advantages of disk-based backup hardware and services specifically designed for the current and emerging requirements of small and midsize businesses.

Disk storage has steadily replaced tape over the entire history of IT, as hard-drive capacity grows and their price drops. As disk emerges as the leader in both price and performance, it's time for small and midsize businesses to take advantage of the reliability, performance, and economy of disk-based backup and recovery.

Whitepaper: 8 Things That Could Affect Your Business IT Security In The Next Two Hours

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

Discover the secrets over-priced security consultants don't want you to know. Network security is not just about preventing a breach, it's about making every working day as productive as possible by preventing external threats.

Where should you start? Download this security brief and NETGEAR will show you the 8 things to do to improve your security posture right now.

Whitepaper: Simplifying offsite backup management

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

NETGEAR delivers simple solutions that help IT organizations create elegant, full-featured data protection without breaking IT budgets.

Whitepaper: Server Virtualization - A Game-Changer For SMB Customers

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

SMBs can achieve the same virtualization results as big companies on a more appropriate scale, using products and services that are available in the right size and price point. While larger firms have traditionally created lower-end products for smaller businesses, there is an inherent conflict of interest that may doom the products to weakness or premature irrelevance.

Whitepaper: How Internet Usage Puts Your Business At Risk

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

Inappropriate usage, including questionable or risky behavior, can be attributed to the nonchalant attitude many employees have toward their employers' equipment. Many employees proceed throughout the Internet with the belief that since it is not their computer they are using, security is not important.

Similarly, many users in small to midsize organizations assume that security is the responsibility of IT, so risky behavior will not have any direct negative impact. Discover how to protect the network before users have a chance to bring it down.

Whitepaper: Well-Known Clothing/Apparel Retailer Protects Business-Critical Data With NETGEAR

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

The J. Peterman company prides itself on its ability to offer customers unique items through its Owner's Manual catalog, as well as its Web site. Like most small and mid-sized companies, J. Peterman's data is essential to the survival of the business, but the size of its data needs are relatively small, and its IT budget is limited.

Whitepaper: A Layered Defense Strategy Against Web 2.0 Threats

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

Putting premium malware protection at the network gateway and on every endpoint of your network enables the IT infrastructure to be able to detect when malware is being delivered, and block and neutralize that malware before it can perform malicious activities.

Whitepaper: Retail Software Developer Combines NETGEAR ReadyNAS and Egnyte Local Cloud on NAS for a Hybrid Storage Solution

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

The Retail Anywhere storage existing solution had become more pronounced. Remote connectivity was becoming an increasing problem, carrying frustrating levels of latency for anybody who did not physically reside in the office. The Windows file servers were aging, and some were reaching their storage capacity, while others had plenty of room. The lack of file syncing capabilities was causing version control and file availability issues. Productivity was suffering, and the company's data was at risk.

Whitepaper: NETGEAR Provides Annapolis Hyundai With Fully Loaded Security

by NETGEARAug 01, 2011

Auto dealership secure s the network from threats such as viruses, spyware, and intrusions while having VPN connectivity with other locations.