Kaseya is a global provider of IT automation software for IT Solution Providers and Public and Private Sector IT organizations. Kaseya's IT Automation Framework allows IT Professionals to proactively monitor, manage and maintain distributed IT infrastructure remotely, easily and efficiently with one integrated Web based platform. Kaseya's technology is licensed on over three million machines worldwide. Kaseya's integrated web based platform is Complete, Powerful, Secure and Easy to Deploy and Administer. The Kaseya Managed Service Framework is designed for IT administrators who need to reduce complexity, and increase productivity and managed service providers that want to pass those benefits to their customers and increase their own profit margins.

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Whitepaper: Win7 Migration - Transform Your IT Systems Management

by KaseyaJul 26, 2010

Migrating to Windows 7 requires assessing your network and hardware for readiness. Discover a commercial tool that will ease the process while improving both your day-to-day IT systems management and user productivity for the future.

Whitepaper: Green Computing: Using IT Automation to Achieve Energy Efficiency

by KaseyaMar 01, 2008

The concern over the environmental impact of the increased usage of computing technology has far reaching ramifications on the sustainability of business IT operations. Already increasing energy costs and expanding power utilization needs are having a direct impact on business profitability. Add to this the social concerns over the global climate crisis and conservation efforts that have led to regulatory compliance initiatives, and businesses are increasingly pressured to find new solutions to ensuring IT business implementations are more eco-friendly.

Chief among these initiatives is to develop improvements that increase energy efficiency and eliminate power wasted by inactive servers and workstations. Fortunately, solutions to this problem exist today and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recommends businesses implement a green computing solution not only to contribute to the global environmental movement, but also to decrease operating expenses and boost profitability.