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Hitachi Consulting is the global business and IT consulting company of Hitachi Ltd., and a recognized leader with deep industry, business, and technology experience. From business strategy development through application deployment, Hitachi Consulting is committed to helping clients quickly realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI. Hitachi consulting offers the agility of a smaller firm, the stability of larger firms, and the innovation that comes with being part of Hitachi With a balanced view of strategy, people, process and technology, Hitachi Consulting works with companies to understand their unique business needs, and to develop and implement practical business strategies and technology solutions. Clients benefit from Hitachi Consulting's tradition of transferring knowledge throughout each engagement. Clients also value our responsiveness, flexibility and authentic desire to help them meet, and often exceed, their goals.

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Whitepaper: Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management Strategy, Theory Of Constraints

by Hitachi ConsultingMay 01, 2008

Business Intelligence is more of and art than a science. In exploits of science one knows exactly what to expect in the end. In exploits of art one knows the end but the end could be different for different people with different experience, maturity, methodology, and technology. Business intelligence is more of an art than a science because everyone knows what they need in the end but how they achieve the end result depends on the experience of people in the organization, BI organizational maturity, methodology, and the technology. An organization that is primarily driven by sales of goods and services knows that the end result that they need is an increase in sales every year for them to be in a healthy business. But the way every organization achieves this depends on the various constraints that the organization has and how the intelligence to increase sales is derived. An organization grapples with various constraints. All these constraints when steered properly unlock several opportunities. Hence, the title, “Theory of constraints”. One of the organizations that I worked with utilized this theory of constraints to the letter of law and saw some tremendous business gains and effectiveness.