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With over 6000 customers and a product portfolio spanning the industry's most innovative and trusted high availability and replication technologies, Vision keeps critical businesses information on i5/OS and AIX environments continuously protected and available on IBM Power Systems (System i and System p platforms). Affordable and easy to use, Vision products ensure business continuity, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and satisfy compliance requirements. In addition to replication and high availability solutions, Vision also offers continuous data protection (CDP), advanced cluster management and systems management solutions for i5/OS, Windows, and AIX operating environments. For more information, visit or call 801.799.0300. For worldwide locations, visit

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Whitepaper: IBM System i (iSeries) Optimization Best Practices

by Vision SolutionsAug 13, 2009

Automated System i management and optimization tools can reduce the strain on IT departments, while ensuring good system performance. But before you can get the most from any automation strategy, you must first have a good understanding of best practices. This white paper examines these best practices to ensure healthy System i operations that deliver the highest possible performance.

Whitepaper: An Introduction to IBM System i (iSeries) High Availability Solutions

by Vision SolutionsAug 11, 2009

If your company is beginning to explore the powerful business continuity technology of System i high availability (HA), this paper will give you a solid overview of IBM System i software-based replication and failover solutions�also known within the industry as high availability or HA. The critical components of HA solutions are detailed, including data replication engines, system monitors, the importance of autonomic processes and more. With knowledge of the technology as well as functional components of HA, you can better evaluate whether HA is a cost-justifiable addition to your data resiliency and recovery strategies.

Whitepaper: What Every Healthcare IT Manager Needs to Know - How to Solve Downtime Challenges to Patient Care, Operations and HIPAA Compliance

by Vision SolutionsJan 21, 2009

The ability to deliver and assure optimum availability to clinical systems and data will be critical to the success of healthcare and life sciences organizations. As providers become increasingly dependent on automated patient record and medical delivery technologies, they must keep those applications, databases and networks available and accessible�no matter what.

This white paper shows how information availability solutions ensure the availability and accessibility of data and applications, regardless of planned or unplanned interruptions. They transform costly unproductive downtime into value producing uptime and help IT managers solve the challenges of automated patient care and compliance.

Whitepaper: The State of Resilience and Optimization on IBM Power Systems

by Vision SolutionsJan 21, 2009

IBM�s AS/400 and RS/6000 computing platforms have evolved greatly over 20 years, and now IBM has brought them together to create the Power Systems server line. The technologies and methods for data protection and system optimization for both platforms have seen great changes as well. Even as transaction and data storage volumes have increased, ensuring that the right data protection and management practices are in place has moved up from a line-level responsibility to a core boardroom mandate.

This report includes the input of over 2,000 companies running AIX and IBM i (i5/OS) environments regarding their data protection, recovery and optimization technologies and strategies. Learn how your peers are striking the balance between the often antagonistic priorities of optimum IT availability and performance, service level agreements, IT staffing and budgets.

Webcast: The Benefits of Data Replication for AIX

by Vision SolutionsSep 01, 2008

Listen to John Gay, Senior AIX Solutions Architect from Vision Solutions and learn how to implement a comprehensive, rapid AIX disaster recovery and data replication solution with minimal investment, provide continuous data protection (CDP) and uptime for your employees, customers and partners, and extend the useful life of your existing AIX application server.

Webcast: Maximize the Health and Performance of your IBM System i (AS/400)

by Vision SolutionsSep 01, 2008

Need to improve system performance on your IBM System i (iSeries) servers? How about managing your disk space more effectively - or reducing time spent on backups - or managing more with the same resources? Watch this informative recorded webcast to learn about Vision Director, a highly integrated set of system management and optimization tools that automatically and pro-actively monitor, manage and optimize IBM System i servers as well as associated databases and application environments.

Webcast: Data Integration and Vision Replicate1 Technology

by Vision SolutionsSep 01, 2008

In today's global business environment, the information that users need can be dispersed throughout an entire global enterprise. Companies cannot afford waiting for the information they need, and delays in accessing information can be detrimental to the overall success of a company. Learn how to integrate the business critical information your users need with Vision's Replicate1, a real-time, bi-directional and cost-effective solution for integrating data throughout your enterprise.

Webcast: The Benefits of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for IBM AIX and i5/OS

by Vision SolutionsSep 01, 2008

Whether you are worried about data corruption, virus or human error, continuous data protection (CDP) enables you to recover IBM i5/OS and AIX data back to any point in time. Join experts from Vision Solutions and learn how to take the next step in your data protection strategies throught the implementation of this innovative technology. In addition, you will learn how to protect against loss of critical business data by easily creating an offsite copy of your data.

Whitepaper: Achieving Next-Level Data Protection and Recovery for IBM AIX Environments

by Vision SolutionsJul 01, 2008

In today�s world of round the clock operations, online commerce and tough compliance regulations, many companies are discovering that it isn�t enough to rely only on tape backups to protect and recover AIX operating environments on IBM System p and Power Systems servers. The key is getting the right strategy and the right mix of technologies in place. For many companies, software-based replication is the answer.

This informative paper outlines options and strategies for moving your protection and recovery plan beyond simple tape backups. In addition, you will learn how continuous data protection (CDP) functionality, makes it possible to recover AIX data to any point in time, thus allowing the recovery of accidentally deleted or otherwise corrupt objects.

Whitepaper: The Benefits of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for IBM AIX Environments

by Vision SolutionsNov 01, 2007

Businesses face a variety of risks to their data such as accidentally deleted files, data corruption from viruses or hacker attacks, software/hardware failures, power outages or any of a wide range of natural disasters. Business and IT managers need a data protection and recovery strategy that keeps the organization�s business doing business. For IT departments with IBM AIX environments, this is a high priority.

This white paper will provide a road map to the most effective strategies and technologies to protect data and provide fast recovery should data be lost or corrupted due to accident or malicious action. It will also detail continuous data protection or CDP technology, including how it works and other considerations for its usage.