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Safari Books Online (, founded in 2001 as a joint venture of pre-eminent technology publishers O'Reilly Media Inc. and Pearson Technology Group, is a leading on-demand digital library delivering expert content from the world's thought-leaders in business and technology innovation. Safari offers the combined collections of O'Reilly Media, Prentice-Hall, Addison-Wesley, Microsoft Press, Sams, Que, Peachpit Press, John Wiley & Sons, Adobe Press, Cisco Press, Sun Microsystems Press, Wharton School Publishing,, and many more top publishers in one fully searchable database. Thousands of books, manuscripts, short topics, articles and instructional video are available from expert authors, innovators and thought leaders. Safari as an essential, always-on business tool is rapidly changing the way corporate, academic and training organizations access information and is enabling increasingly mobile workforces to get technical and business reference resources anytime and from anywhere.

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Whitepaper: Make Your IT Staff Smarter With Digital Libraries

by Safari Books OnlineDec 04, 2008

On-demand access to trusted technology information empowers IT workforces to solve everyday technical challenges and increases productivity. Throw a valuable e-reference tool like a digital library out to a community of IT users, programmers, and business professionals, and they�ll uncover a variety of personal and corporate applications.

Whitepaper: Working Green with Digital Libraries

by Safari Books OnlineDec 04, 2008

In just a few decades, living 'green' has been transformed from a counter-culture issue to a way of life for millions of people around the globe. And as environmental responsibility becomes a mainstream integral personal value, businesses are learning that not only are consumers demanding green products and services, but that benefits are associated with adopting green practices in the workplace.

This white paper examines some of these benefits for employees and organizations, and how digital libraries can be used to create these benefits.

Whitepaper: The Learning Organization Goes Digital: Fostering a Thriving Learning Culture within the Organization

by Safari Books OnlineDec 04, 2008

More and more knowledge management professionals are evolving to play a definitive role in shaping the overall learning environment of an organization, regardless of whether the content that workers rely on is in print or digital form.

By fostering a thriving learning culture within the organization, and by helping the learning organization to embrace digital content in a powerful, productive, and responsible way, the knowledge management professional can help shape the future of the company in an intensely competitive knowledge economy.

This whitepaper explains how the learning manager can be the competitive difference you have been looking for.

Whitepaper: Minimizing Technology Project Delays with Digital Libraries: The Critical Path to Delivering On Time and Under Budget

by Safari Books OnlineAug 01, 2008

As the number of new technologies has increased in recent years, so have the complexities of technology projects and the potential for delays in each stage of the project lifecycle. This white paper details how technology project management professionals (PMPs), software architects and developers, product managers, and others, can keep projects on track and under budget by using on-demand libraries that simplify access to published materials such as books and videos.

- Introduction
- Information Gaps: The Root Cause of Project Delays
- Filling the Gaps with Digital Libraries
- Digital Library Users�In Their Own Words
- Determining Applicability to Projects and Programs
- Summary
- About Safari Books Online
- Plus: Connect with Project Management Peers on

Whitepaper: Improving Application Development with Digital Libraries

by Safari Books OnlineJun 10, 2008

Technology managers understand that software developers, architects, and engineers face many challenges in the application development process. To increase efficiency and drive down cost in an environment driven by changing market conditions, these professionals must meet or exceed extremely high standards of quality and speed.

In order to achieve these goals, application development solutions must be accessible and adaptable - without sacrificing accuracy or market intelligence. These solutions include not only the actual development tools, but information resources about technology and development skills that can help developers create applications more efficiently and effectively. In the application development process, system complexity can be compounded by the use of inaccurate information - and even obtaining information that turns out to be inaccurate can be difficult or time-consuming.

In other words: What tools help development teams meet higher standards of quality and also reduce the overall length of time for any given initiative? And how do members of a development team cut through the clutter?

This white paper outlines some of the most salient challenges and demonstrates how technology managers can enable their development teams to streamline application development and troubleshooting, while keeping them current on emerging technology, new product versions, and changing market trends - allowing them to move right past the 'gotchas.'