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Aztecsoft is a Global Software Engineering Services partner for both established and early stage software product companies. We provide Full Lifecycle Product Engineering, Independent Testing, Professional Services and Sustained Engineering Services to product companies. We have helped several top tier Enterprise and Consumer software companies ship some of the most complex software in the world!

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Whitepaper: Performance Testing for AJAX-based Applications

by Aztecsoft LimitedAug 25, 2007

The AJAX model of development for Web applications has rapidly gained a lot of popularity because of its promise of bringing the richness and responsiveness of desktop applications to the web. AJAX implementations are fundamentally different from other web implementations in two respects - they make asynchronous requests for parts of the web page. Techniques routinely used for performance testing of traditional web applications need to be modified and enhanced to suit the needs of AJAXbased applications. Using Google's "Google Select" service as a case study we examine the unique challenges of carrying out performance testing of AJAX-based applications and offer suggestions for overcoming them.