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Webcast: Telstra & Ericsson Discuss the Key Benefits of SDN for Operators

by EricssonDec 09, 2013

Ericsson is a pioneer in the development of SDN (software-defined networking) for telecom operators. Using SDN concepts, new operational models become possible, while network complexity is actually reduced, and efficiency enhanced. Telstra is Australia's leading telecommunications operator, with the largest fixed, mobile and business networks, all riding on one of the world's most geographically distributed optical and microwave transport network.

Ericsson and Telstra have cooperated in the development and testing of SDN techniques. In particular work done on "service chaining" was demonstrated at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

David Robertson, Telstra's Head of Transport and Routing Engineering, will discuss the expectations that Telstra has for SDN. Elisa Bellagamba, a senior member of the Ericsson SDN development team, will comment on how Ericsson's approach to SDN differs from that of other technology providers, and the direction product and solution development will take.

Webcast: Experience Driven CRM – Building Architectures to Provide a Differentiating Customer Experience

by EricssonNov 13, 2013

At a time when competition is intensifying in most telecommunications markets and operators are searching for ways to differentiate other than on price, poor customer service should not be an operator’s principal differentiation factor. From an IT perspective this requires a new approach - whereby all customer interactions are performed in the context of the customer’s end-to-end experience.

Register for “Experience Driven CRM” to learn how operators must exploit all the customer-experience data assets within their network – OSS, BSS and CRM – and make it seamlessly available in an intuitive IT environment. This interactive discussion will explore how you can:

  • Reduce the risk of creating a telecoms specific CRM environment
  • Drive operational efficiency with a CRM environment tailored to specific telecoms business processes
  • Transform customer experience with proactive customer care and marketing that leverages all relevant customer insights from the network, OSS, BSS and CRM domains, real-time network insights

This webinar will provide valuable insights on how customer relationship management can address these challenges that telecoms operators face today, both from a business and IT perspective.

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Webcast: Policy & Charging – The Path to Service Personalization

by EricssonNov 12, 2013

To compete profitably in the fast-changing mobile broadband market, telecom operators need to fight the forces of commoditization and secure a healthy position in the new value chains alongside content providers and Over-The-Top (OTT) players.

This isn’t something that just happens, it will need to be planned for and it will involve an operator’s full end-to-end OSS/BSS capabilities. Join us for this interactive discussion to explore:

  • Why policy and charging integration is important
  • Why the traditional silo approach isn’t optimal
  • The importance of efficient customer interactions
  • How to provide the right quality and services to the right users
  • The importance of end-to-end real-time functionality is for future success

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how integrated policy and charging can empower operators with the creative freedom to differentiate their offerings and allow their customers to personalize their services.