Modulo was founded in 1985, and is the Latin American market leader in Information Security. Its exclusive solutions use PESI - an ISO 9001 - certified methodology conforming to the ISO 27001 standard. With an updated and highly certified staff of approximately 250, Modulo has conducted more than 4000 projects, many of which still considered innovative and renowned worldwide, such as the Brazilian electronic elections and Brazil's Internet-based delivery of income tax return forms. Our latest accomplishment was the launch of Modulo Risk Manager, a software program for risk assessment, compliance and Knowledge Management System.

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Whitepaper: Modulo Risk Manager Helps Embattled IT And Security Professionals By Leveraging Their Expertise

by ModuloJan 13, 2012

Successful organizations have some common imperatives that go a long way in securing their achievements: respond rapidly, pay attention to detail and communicate effectively. As a software developer in the governance, risk and compliance management arena, Modulo?s challenge is to create a product that would enable organizations to: act quickly and precisely, so results can be obtained in a timely fashion; conduct risk and compliance gap analysis projects according to a comprehensive, extensive