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Whitepaper: A New Vision for High Velocity Application Delivery: How an Automated Lifecycle Approach to DevOps Supports the Agile Business

by CA, Inc.Jan 08, 2014

Execution, combined with innovative thinking and bright ideas, is the key differentiator setting leading companies apart from trailing competitors. This emphasis on execution contributes to the fact that Agile development is becoming increasingly hot.

This white paper discusses key concepts supporting the Agile methodology and the foundational role of enterprise management tools in automating the "ideas to action" cycle. Inside, learn how business' ability to adapt is largely dependent on the speed at which they can transform ideas into action across the entire application delivery chain.

Whitepaper: How the Cloud will Change Application Release Applications

by CA, Inc.Jan 08, 2014

The growing emphasis on application agility requires IT focus on excellence in application release operations. Getting application release operations right streamlines the process of getting an application into the hands of users, providing the business with justification for a move to the cloud.

Whitepaper: Deploying Effective Mobile Authentication for Your Mobile Enterprise Strategy

by CA, Inc.Jul 01, 2013

To protect your consumer and enterprise data in the fast-growing mobile app and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business environment, your enterprise needs a solid security strategy that addresses, and supplies effective mechanisms for, mobile authentication. Deploying access policies that can be applied to multiple interaction methods provides a more user-friendly and consistent experience, while simplifying their administration and reducing support costs.

Download this white paper to discover how to:

� Deploy new consumer and enterprise applications faster
� Gain a common audit trail across all access points
� Avoid writing unique security implementations for each platform
� Provide support for corporate or personally owned devices

Download this white paper to learn how to address a wide range of mobile authentication challenges by applying unified solutions that reduce potential exposure from malicious activities in your traditional or cloud-based IT environments.

Whitepaper: Reduce Risk Through Privileged Identity Governance and Controls

by CA, Inc.Jul 01, 2013

Failure to govern and control privileged identities could result in data loss or destruction, malicious or inadvertent damage, fines, and even lawsuits. The processes for reviewing and approving administrators' access rights and policies are often manual, labor-intensive and inefficient, making real-time adherence to segregation of duties and other compliance policies very difficult.

Download this white paper to learn how to:

� Regulate and audit privileged user access while mitigating risk
� Enhance control of privileged users' access and use of enterprise data
� Improve security and compliance with regulatory standards
� Provide proof that reviews have been completed on regular intervals

Download this white paper to understand how privileged identity governance can promote compliance efficiency as well as lower operational costs, while still keeping administrator productivity high.

Whitepaper: Protect Your Enterprise Data Through Privileged Identity Management

by CA, Inc.Jul 01, 2013

Controlling access to privileged accounts by controlling only the password does not limit what malicious users can do once they access a privileged account. This applies both to insider threats as well as external, Advanced Persistent Threats or phishing schemes to reveal key passwords.

Discover how privileged identity management tools can help you:

� Mitigate risk and increase data integrity by securing privileged user passwords
� Track actions of all individuals, even those using shared accounts, to improve auditing and facility compliance
� Reduce costs and complexity through central administration
� Implement security based on business requirements

Download this white paper today to ensure all of your enterprise environments are protected by implementing least-privilege access, streamlining your administration, and recording all privileged user sessions.

Whitepaper: How to Engage Mobile Customers While Protecting Sensitive Enterprise Data

by CA, Inc.Jul 01, 2013

New business opportunities are taking shape as consumers across the globe are adopting new mobile devices, high-speed access and innovative mobile applications. But this proliferation of mobile devices, the development of intelligent and composite applications, the number of multi-device users, and the shift to bring your own device (BYOD) has created many challenges for businesses to effectively capitalize on mobile opportunities.

Download this white paper to explore how to:

� Grow your top-line revenue by reaching new mobile markets, enabling sales teams and improving customer service
� Reduce the risk of mobile data compromise through holistic solutions
� Reduce the total cost of ownership by deploying a unified security solution

Download this white paper to learn how selecting a unified mobile security solution that meets your application and data requirements will enable you to capitalize on new mobile market opportunities, reduce the risk of data compromise and non-compliance and reduce overall cost of ownership.

Whitepaper: Cloudy With A Chance Of Configuration Management

by CA, Inc.Nov 01, 2009

Technology evolves, and to remain relevant so must processes. With the rise of cloud computing and the proliferation of virtualization, many question the efficacy of configuration management and the place of the CMDB in the future of IT. How can a discipline based on a methodical process-based approach remain relevant in a world where abstraction and automation lead to minute-by-minute changes in the service infrastructure? This paper attempts to answer these questions by first validating the applicability of configuration management as a discipline in a post-dynamic infrastructure world, and then by addressing each of the challenges facing the configuration manager of the future. The paper also looks to the future to define how an effective evolving configuration management program can add additional benefit by realigning the cloud-computing paradigm to the service-oriented concepts that facilitate true business value.

Whitepaper: Results Of Validation Testing CA ARCserve Version 12.5

by CA, Inc.Aug 06, 2009

Despite the growing use of traditional tape backup for business continuity, cost-containment, compliance, and other data protection issues, negative perceptions of tape backup persist. This report provides an assessment of tape backup designed to set the record straight about the misperceptions of the medium, demonstrate the value of data deduplication, and prove the merits of its application to data management and recovery in both physical and virtualized IT environments. Toigo Partners International conducted the detailed and validation testing of leading backup software, CA ARCserve version 12.5.

Whitepaper: How to be a ROBO Cop: Patty Then Frank Jablonski April 2008 Reducing Business Risk with Remote Recovery Management

by CA, Inc.Jul 22, 2008

As companies continue to decentralize, more and more employees are working from remote offices and branch offices (ROBOs) so they can be closer to their customers. Because of this trend, as much as 70% of critical business data now reside outside the corporate data center. To realize the benefits of a remote workforce while minimizing the risk, organizations need to implement recovery management practices that centralize management of ROBO backup and disaster recovery. Only by integrating high-performance backup, replication, failover, CDP, high availability and automated DR testing can today's geographically distributed enterprises cost-effectively access, consolidate and distribute data to and from the corporate office and remote locations.