Over 200,000 agents and managers around the world use Knowlagent's ondemand call center solutions every day. Knowlagent's software has been a driving force behind the success of Fortune 500 and mid-market companies with solutions for hiring, communications, training and coaching. Knowlagent's on-demand solutions for managing call centers optimize frontline performance faster and more affordably than ever before to increase sales, improve agent retention, decrease handle time, drive collections, improve first call resolution, roll out new products and services, and increase regulatory compliance.

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Whitepaper: A Guide For Reducing Costs Without Sacrificing Customer Loyalty

by KnowlagentJan 14, 2009

Everybody is cutting costs. The businesses that will emerge strong at the end of this recession are the ones that don�t sacrifice customers to make those cuts. Holding on to customers during tough times can prove difficult, given inevitable cost reductions and competitors who are just a click away for a dissatisfied customer. Knowlagent, provider of on-demand call center solutions, presents this guide will outline simple methods to provide that �insurance.�

Whitepaper: A Lifecycle Practice For Attrition In The Call Center

by KnowlagentOct 01, 2008

Who cares about attrition? If it concerns the effort involved in hiring 30-50 percent of the workforce every six months, human resources does. If it concerns the length of time it takes for new hires to become adequate, supervisors do. The lifecycle approach is based on addressing different attrition factors at different stages of the agent lifecycle. Solving the challenges at each stage requires different tactics, but the underlying strategy for each relates to the larger goal of retention.

Whitepaper: Agent Performance in the Customer Service Center: The Missing Link to Customer Relationship Management Success

by KnowlagentJan 01, 2008

This paper from Knowlagent describes that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy cannot succeed unless it is supported by a customer-centric organization, driven by timely, frequent communications and change management efforts. For too long, companies have made significant technological investments to improve customer service and have ignored the human performance element that directly impacts customer loyalty. Its comprehensive solution is uniquely designed to improve the performance of every agent, every day providing the tools to understand, instruct and proactively deliver the skills and knowledge required for optimal customer service.

Whitepaper: The Undeveloped Asset For Decreasing Customer Churn And Improving Profits

by KnowlagentJan 01, 2008

Telecom providers are aggressively moving to retain good customers. Because the dominant point of interaction for existing customers is the customer service center, it is quickly becoming the critical channel for customer retention, marketing and sales efforts. To grow revenue, telecom providers are aggressively moving to retain good customers and improve their share of those customers' Telecom spending. The telecommunications industry depends greatly on the customer service experience. This white paper will discuss the strategic importance of the customer service center and building best performance in customer service center agents for telecom providers.