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Whitepaper: The Evolution of Threats and their Impact upon Technology

by High Tower SoftwareJul 22, 2008

Security-related threats have changed substantially over the years. Only one decade ago network sniffing attacks, IP spoofing, viruses, worms, and externally initiated break-ins that exploited buffer overflow conditions were the most common types of attacks. Keystroke capturing Trojan horses and exploits that target Web browsers are among the most frequent types of current attacks. Additionally, information security practices face new risks for failure meeting compliance requirements (SoX, HIPAA, GLBA, and so on). Fortunately new security technology has emerged to deal with the changing threat. Much of it is more user-friendly that ever before, something that often results in proficient use and a reduced need for extensive training. Understand today's security technology and changes that can improve your ability to address threats and risks.

Whitepaper: Evolution Of Threats And Their Impact On Security Technology

by High Tower SoftwareApr 29, 2008

Security threat has evolved to the point that security technology is now more of a necessary component of every security practice than ever before. Information security staff need to recognize where each given technology fits into a basic prevention-detection-response framework. High Tower Software provides this presentation on the evolution of threats.