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Riverace Corporation helps customers avoid the tricky and expensive problems most often encountered when developing networked applications. We help you get a solid foundation in place so you can concentrate on creating a masterpiece.

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Whitepaper: 8 Essential Questions To Ask Your Potential ACE Support Service Provider

by Riverace CorporationMar 24, 2009

In this 15-page white paper, Riverace helps you decide if professional or free assistance is best for you. If you think professional assistance is more valuable, ask eight important questions before selecting a commercial ACE support service provider as a partner for your project's success.

Whitepaper: How to Avoid the Top 10 Sockets Programming Errors

by Riverace CorporationDec 10, 2007

This white paper will show you the 10 most common errors developers make when programming Sockets � especially Winsock run time errors! -- and how you can avoid them.