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Whitepaper: Seamless UC: Which User Interface Will You Choose?

by TEQConsult GroupNov 11, 2008

UC solutions are quickly emerging as necessary tools for enterprises to enhance real-time communications efforts to remain competitive in an intensive market environment. The advantage of a seamless UC experience is to provide system subscribers the flexibility of selecting the best or most desirable communications device and/or embedded GUI screen during a communications process. This presentation by Allan Sulkin, president of TEQConsult Group, explores seamless UC interfaces.

Whitepaper: Enterprise Communications: The New Market Order

by TEQConsult GroupNov 11, 2008

The integration and convergence of IP telephony systems and UC solutions is currently taking place. Presence management and social networking applications will play a greater role in real-time and non-real-time communications. We are approaching the era of FCS. Alan Sulkin, president of TEQConsult Group, looks at enterprise communications in this presentation.

Whitepaper: Preparing Your Next IP Telephony System RFP

by TEQConsult GroupNov 10, 2008

An RFP reduces risk and the uncertainty of the unknown by specifically identifying customer requirements, supplier capabilities, and product/service prices and costs. TEQConsult Group provides a tutorial on preparing an IP telephony RFP.

Whitepaper: Architectures for IP Telephony Deployment

by TEQConsult GroupJul 22, 2008

Enterprise communications systems have come a long way in the past 30 years. Now the important issues for developing an architecture for IP telephony deployment include: architectural & design attributes of each platform, customer benefits and advantages, the emerging role of unified communications, the evolution to a wireless mobile communications platform, current and developing communications standards and open source solutions. Understand the past--and the present--trends of communications systems.

Whitepaper: Architectures for IP Telephony Deployment

by TEQConsult GroupApr 29, 2008

This panel discussion traces the evolution of wireless mobile communications and weighs in on the architectural and design attributes of IP telephony platforms from Siemens, Cisco and Microsoft.