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Neocase Software is a leading provider of customer service solutions for shared service centers and customer support operations. Neocase empowers large global corporations to manage and optimize their shared service and support operations performance and processes through its uniquely adaptive and award-winning customer service technology platform. Neocase Software solutions include Neocase HR for Human Capital Resource Management, Neocase CS for Customer Service, Neocase CRM for Customer Relationship Management, and Neocase FR for Financial Resolution. All solutions can be deployed on-premise or in a SaaS model. With more than 200 clients worldwide, representative customers include Air France, Renault-Nissan, Oreal, Brinks, CORPTAX, Callidus Software, and International Decision Systems. Neocase award-winning solutions bring efficiency and profitability to SSCs and customer service departments through web self-service, intelligent knowledge management, service level agreement (SLA) management, employee/partner case collaboration, executive dashboards, and automated workflows.

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Latest Content From Neocase Software, Inc.

Whitepaper: Improving HR Productivity And Employee Satisfaction Through Technology-Based Case Management

by Neocase Software, Inc.Oct 15, 2008

The purpose of this paper is to consider how technology can be successfully implemented in global organizations in order to help manage human resource needs for large employee populations. It will identify the functions for which technology can be most effectively deployed and present a model for increasing the efficiency of managing a global human resource organization. Finally, this paper will document a successful implementation of case management technology at a global car manufacturer.

Whitepaper: Customer Service Software Taps Intelligent Knowledge Base

by Neocase Software, Inc.Aug 18, 2008

Neocase CS is designed for organizations that want to improve on their customer relationship management of client accounts through the use of a sophisticated case management solution. Neocase CS employs such tools as 24X7 self-service and an intelligent knowledge base.

Whitepaper: Neocase: Toshiba Case Study

by Neocase Software, Inc.Feb 25, 2008

The Toshiba Case Study discusses the challenges that brought the IT department within Toshiba to Neocase, and the resulting benefits of having implemented the Neocase Customer Service solution. Results: Better service, manageability, and visibility An increase in the number of monthly calls�which came from a variety of channels, including phone, fax, email, and the Web site�prompted the company to seek a new software solution.

Whitepaper: Neocase HR Datasheet

by Neocase Software, Inc.Feb 01, 2008

Neocase HR is a solution datasheet that gives a useful overview of Neocase Software's solution for employee case management in the HR department. This solution datasheet details the key components to Neocase software that enable best practicies within HR departments in treating employee communication, through self-service, knowledge base, and intelligent workflows and routing.

Whitepaper: CRM Mastery Product Review - Neocase CS

by Neocase Software, Inc.Oct 10, 2006

The CRM Mastery whitepaper covers in detail the Neocase CS product from start to finish, as analyzed by CRM industry expert, Jim Berkowitz. The paper discusses the key features of the product vs. industry standards for a solution similar in functionality. Certain aspects of the benefits of such customer service functionality as collaborative workflow, case management, workflows, self-service, knowledge base, advanced SLA management, and audit trails, to name a few, are highlighted.