LogMeIn is a leading provider of on-demand, remote-connectivity and support solutions to small businesses, IT service providers and consumers. Businesses and IT service providers use LogMeIn's solutions to deliver remote end-user support and to access and manage computers and other Internet-enabled devices more effectively and efficiently. Consumers and mobile workers use our solutions to access computer resources remotely, thereby facilitating their mobility and increasing their productivity. Our solutions, which are deployed on-demand and accessible through a Web browser, are secure, scalable and easy for our customers to try, purchase and use. Since our inception, our users have connected over 50 million computers and other Internet-enabled devices to a LogMeIn service.

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Whitepaper: Anywhere, Anytime Remote Access And VPN Connectivity That Just Works

by LogMeInJan 15, 2010

LogMeIn Central is a Web-based management console that helps small businesses and IT support providers service even the most difficult-to-reach devices and keep mobile and remote workers connected and productive. LogMeIn Central is the easy and cost-effective way to for small businesses and IT support to deliver remote computer access and network.

Whitepaper: Company Finds Right IT Support Rx for Wireless Devices

by LogMeInJan 09, 2009

With LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile, Palm Valley Health Care can solve nine out of 10 IT support issues remotely. Nurses now spend more time with patients and less time troubleshooting and worrying about PDA issues. The IT team's call volume has been dramatically reduced due to improved user training, and call handle time has been shortened by replacing cumbersome over-the-phone support with direct remote access to the troubled device.

Whitepaper: 5 Best Practices for Smartphone Support

by LogMeInJan 09, 2009

Get real-world examples of how the benefits of keeping mobile devices functioning without interruption are felt on every level of business: Customers receive the service they expect; end-users can work efficiently, enjoying the promised benefits of mobility; IT has its burden lightened, freeing up time for proactive work; and the CFO can look forward to the results of effective mobility and a low TCO.

Whitepaper: NuStar Mobile Users Get Tech Support, Training Remotely

by LogMeInJan 09, 2009

NuStar, one of the largest asphalt refiners and marketers in the US, uses LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to resolve email problems and other critical issues, set up and provision new devices remotely, and provide training on using smartphone features.