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Whitepaper: Skills Gaps in the World’s IT Workforce: A CompTIA International Research Study

by CompTIASep 01, 2008

This ground-breaking research identifies trends and gaps in IT skills, explores issues surrounding recruiting and hiring, investigates the current and potential IT market growth and demand for IT professionals, and discovers which factors most influence, and are expected to influence, the IT industry.

The IT industry has experienced many changes and much growth in the past decade with the fast pace of technological change and the ever-increasing globalization of business. We believe that there has been a lack of industry data on what's happening now, and that a true need exists for this type of information in the marketplace, particularly, on a global level.

The results of this study, conducted in partnership with Center for Strategy Research, a market research firm, are based on 3,578 �IT Managers.� All are responsible for the hiring and/or managing of at least three IT employees, at companies with ten or more employees. The survey sample comprises of a minimum of 250 IT Managers from around the world.

This research has many uses and audiences. Specifically, we hope this information will be valuable in helping employers address IT skills shortages; for employers to utilize as a benchmark for their own open positions, employees' skills, etc.; in guiding employers in recruiting and hiring capable employees now and for the future; in informing policy-makers, educators, and others involved in the industry of potential roles they could play.

Whitepaper: Small and Medium Business (SMB) Information and Communication Technology Environment

by CompTIASep 01, 2008

The SMB market is an increasingly important target market for providers of convergent technologies (CT). For the sixth year in a row, CompTIA conducted an in-depth study to gain insight on CT-related purchasing behavior and decision making, specific CT applications in demand, and identifying the value propositions that are most influential to CT sales in SMBs (defined as companies with 20-499 employees). Findings from this study of 618 SMB respondents, collected June 2008 � July 2008, will help you capitalize on this market.

Extensive analysis was conducted to identify the greatest areas of opportunity. The sample of SMB end-users represents a mix of industries, including government, financial, manufacturing and healthcare. Respondents were recruited from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany. Detailed results provide information on topics including SMB attitudes and perceptions, the current and future state of convergent technologies, and purchase behavior.

Whitepaper: Trends in Information Security: A CompTIA Analysis of IT Security and the Workforce

by CompTIASep 01, 2008

As global trends of workforce mobility and decentralization put a greater strain on IT security infrastructure, it is becoming increasingly more complex for corporate IT departments to safeguard information. More than ever before, firms are using diverse devices to exchange information faster and over longer distances, and the growing use of technologies supporting this trend - such as handheld devices or voice over IP � gives rise to new risks. As a result, corporate IT departments must constantly seek solutions to stay ahead of potential issues arising from these emerging trends.

Even though companies put large stock in security-related technologies, human error continues to play a significant role in unwelcome breaches. Often to blame is the failure of staff to follow security procedures, but more and more the lack of IT security knowledge is also responsible. Such a trend points to a growing need for enhanced IT security training which in turn can increase awareness among staff and bolster their ability to proactively identify potential security risks and to quickly respond to real issues.

The results of this study are based on data collected in January and February 2008 from more than 2,000 IT professionals, including over 1,000 in the US, over 100 in Canada, over 400 in the UK and nearly 400 in China. Study respondents include both CompTIA members and non-members representing a wide range of industries including Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, and IT.