Protection of data - be it private or business - is one of the most important topics of modern communication. Information is carried throughout the world on laptops, PDAs and USB sticks. The amount of data sent via the Internet increases daily. All this information is in danger of being eavesdropped on. For businesses a financial risk, for private users an emotional one as well - both have a lot to lose. The solution: Since 1996, Frankfurt based privacy specialist Steganos offers highly secure, easy to use solutions to protect and secure both static data and online connections.

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Whitepaper: The Virtual Safe: A User-Focused Approach to Data Encryption

by SteganosMar 03, 2008

The personal computer has never been more personal. We routinely trust it with private correspondence, diary entries, emails, all sorts of addresses, the household budget and holiday photographs. We use it to shop, seek health advice, and manage our savings, while the more creative among us use it to write poetry, compose music or paint pictures. It could be said that our hard drive provides a unique portrait of our most private personal lives. And when computers are lost or stolen, people feel that privacy has been violated.