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Silver Creek Systems automated data mastering toolset enables enterprise-wide standardization and integration of the information that drives critical aspects of MDM, PIM, systems migration, data quality and governance. Its DataLens System uses next-generation semantic technology to standardize, enrich, match and repurpose product data from any source - reducing implementation time, cost and risk while improving quality. Market-leading companies in retail, distribution, manufacturing, high tech, healthcare, telecom, energy and others use the DataLens System to increase the value and usability of data in applications from search and merchandising to global data synchronization, inventory management and procurement.

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Whitepaper: The Unique Requirements Of Product Data

by Silver Creek SystemsJul 15, 2008

This monograph from The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) delivers some useful insights into the challenges and best practices required for successful data quality programs. Author Philip Russom, senior manager of research and services at TDWI, makes the case that data quality has traditionally focused on customer data and the inclination to apply the same techniques to other data types can compromise data quality integrity.

Whitepaper: Managing Data Quality in Manufacturing

by Silver Creek SystemsJul 10, 2008

ARC Advisory Group recently released an independent whitepaper that delivers some very useful insights into manufacturing�s growing information crisis. This document discusses the fact that poor data quality �permeates� all manufacturing systems and that ignoring the issues could have a devastating financial impact on manufacturers of all sizes. In addition, this document provides insights into opportunities for increasing data quality, road maps for data quality solutions, and strategies for data quality in manufacturing.

Whitepaper: Product Information Drives Sales

by Silver Creek SystemsFeb 15, 2008

This new white paper from the Patricia Seybold Group delivers some very useful insights into the search, merchandising effectiveness, and user experience challenges faced by retail/e-commerce companies today. The study discusses the importance of consistent, complete, and well-organized product information in effective merchandizing and reveals the impact of poor product information on sales.

Whitepaper: Key Elements of Master Data Management

by Silver Creek SystemsJan 15, 2008

This white paper from Bloor Research delivers some very useful insights into the needs, practices, and challenges faced by companies implementing a Master Data Management (MDM) program. Recommendations are offered based on customer experiences and industry best practices.