Traditional systems vendors have left a legacy of data center complexity layers of hardware and software that require armies of people to manage and scores of services to configure and run. Egenera was born out of one customer's realization that overcoming IT pain points would require a greenfield approach. Company founder Vern Brownell, former CTO of Goldman Sachs, engineered a new server architecture that simplifies data center infrastructure reducing complexity, increasing agility, improving availability and lowering TCO.

The Egenera BladeFrame system's unique virtualization software dynamically allocates and repurposes servers to applications as needed without manual intervention. With its integrated system of diskless processing resources and virtualization software, the BladeFrame has set a new standard for simplicity and business value in the enterprise data center.

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Whitepaper: Building a Reliable and Dynamic Data Center

by EgeneraOct 01, 2008

Improving data center responsiveness requires a computing infrastructure that is not only cost effective and space-efficient, but also one that simplifies operational procedures; ensures high availability, security, and performance for all applications; and is easily reconfigurable to meet new business objectives. The dynamic data center is within reach today. But how it is achieved and how well it performs can vary widely from among the many approaches being offered.

Whitepaper: An Overview of PAN Manager by Egenera

by EgeneraOct 01, 2008

PAN Manager� by Egenera� provides the management capabilities necessary to deploy applications in minutes by integrating server, storage, and networking resources. PAN Manager automatically and reliably keeps those applications running, even in the face of spikes in demand, system failure, or site disaster. The result is a data center infrastructure that responds to changing business demands while delivering the highest level of resilience.

This technical white paper describes PAN Manager�s architecture and capabilities and how Egenera�s advanced technology eliminates redundant equipment and data center complexity while improving responsiveness and agility.

Whitepaper: Maximizing Business Agility with the Dynamic Data Center

by EgeneraOct 01, 2008

Perhaps you have completed the first phase of virtualization � server consolidation � and enjoy the benefits of lower costs, less crowded floor space, and a smaller carbon footprint. Now you are looking at virtualization as a way to create a more agile IT infrastructure that will provide higher service levels and greater reliability along with further reductions in TCO�what Egenera calls the dynamic data center.

This paper describes a �virtualization tipping point,� where IT departments are ready to use virtualization technology more strategically. The paper continues by discussing how virtualization technology meets the business requirements for rapid server provisioning, high availability and disaster recovery while requiring significantly less equipment and reducing costs.