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At Cequity, we believe Analytical Marketing will be the biggest competitive advantage enterprises will have in the next decade or two. Successful enterprises of tomorrow will be the ones who can organize and leverage customer information at speed ,to optimize their marketing performance, increase accountability, improve profit and deliver growth.Cequity also provides an analytics tool, Cequity ACE, which manages, segments and analyzes customer data to produce a marketing plan cut-out for any organization.

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Whitepaper: Event Driven Marketing Woos Customers with Pull Strategy

by Cequity SolutionsDec 02, 2008

Event Driven Marketing (EDM) has come as a breath of fresh air for financial institutions. Offering the ability to access customers through a "pull" strategy, EDM is relevant instantly as it meaningfully assimilates to a customer's need. From a technological point of view, it also is vital in explaining the importance of what drives audiences on their Web pages and elsewhere.