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Celerant is a global management consultancy that delivers operational improvement and helps the world's leading companies to achieve and sustain real gains in bottom-line performance. Celerant's difference is simple we believe that once we have fixed a problem for a client, it should stay fixed. First we spend time understanding the needs of an organisation. Then we analyse the challenges faced before recommending a tailored change programme designed to deliver measurable results, now and into the future. This involves our industry experienced consultants working side-by-side with people in the front line of your business from the Boardroom to the shop floor to ensure the delivery of sustainable and measurable benefits. As a result, last year Celerant delivered over $1bn in annualized sustainable savings to its clients. Over the last 21 years we have grown to the point where annual revenues are $170m.

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Whitepaper: Looking Beyond Cost: Practical Guidance For Leaders Contemplating Organizational Change

by Celerant ConsultingApr 30, 2009

Despite a daunting amount of literature on organizational design and behavior, there is limited practical guidance on how to execute organizational change and make it sustainable. Defining the right structure is vitally important, but the truth is that even the best designs rarely see the light of day. A recent study coauthored by Celerant Consulting and the Economist Business Intelligence Unit indicated that greater than half of all organizational initiatives fail to achieve their expected results. Furthermore, it indicated that they failed from internal issues and resistance encountered during implementation, not from the logic of their design. These six guidelines are for leaders contemplating organizational change. They were developed with an eye on ensuring success across the entirety of the process.