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Whitepaper: Endpoint Security Survival Guide

by TripwireOct 13, 2016

A proactive cyber security defense is the best strategy for protecting your business against cyber threats. In the past, security approaches have focused on understanding attacks to stop cybercriminals from accessing corporate networks and systems, but this approach is becoming less effective.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a new, proactive approach that focuses on behavior that indicates an attack is underway rather than just indicators of compromise (IoC). EDR relies on the deployment and active management of key security controls for your business-critical assets. These controls provide crucial information that allows endpoint incidents to be quickly detected, identified, monitored and handled.

This hands-on, practical guide delves into the implementation and maturation of each control. After you read the guide, you should be able to accurately evaluate your organization's implementation of each control and understand what you need to do to improve the efficacy of the controls.

Whitepaper: Twenty Critical Security Questions

by TripwireOct 13, 2016

This booklet/poster takes you step-by-step through the 20 Critical Security Controls, with an additional section that focuses on the first four fundamental controls. A convenient table allows you to rank your own specific needs against NSA rankings.

E-Book: The Executive's Guide to the Top 20 Critical Security Controls

by TripwireOct 13, 2016

Looking for executive guidance that can help your organization strengthen the foundation of your security program so your organization will be safer from cyber attacks?

Written by a security and compliance architect, this book describes and distills the top 20 critical security controls, and offers practical implementation advice, dependencies and suggestions that improve the efficiency of each control. The genesis of this e-book was a series of detailed posts on Tripwire's The State of Security blog, and at the end of each section you'll find a link to the fully annotated complete text of the control.

Whitepaper: How to Restore Trust After Breach

by TripwireOct 13, 2016

When an organization has been compromised, some of the first questions to ask are critical:

"Which systems can I trust?"
"What was done to compromise my systems or data?"
"How quickly can I figure out where I stand?"
Tripwire is often contacted after the fact to help answer these all-to-common questions.

This paper explains the five steps an organization can take, even if they haven't previously used or installed Tripwire solutions such as Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire IP360, to restore trust in their enterprise following a breach.

Whitepaper: The Insider Threat: Detecting Indicators of Human Compromise

by TripwireJun 01, 2014

Your organization's greatest asset is also its greatest risk. The employees, contractors and trusted business partners you rely on to keep your organization running can also cause it the most damage. A malicious insider can use authorized credentials to do unauthorized things, bring your network down or repeatedly steal data from your organization without being detected.

Learn about the Insider Threat Kill Chain and what you can do to protect your organization from threats from within.

Whitepaper: Security Configuration Management For Dummies

by TripwireMay 15, 2014

Securing your server and network configurations may be the smartest security work you can do. Why? Continually protected and hardened systems keep your data safe, repel exploits and provide measurable confidence. But it's hard to do. How do you get started? What are the capabilities to look for in an effective solution?

Security Configuration Management For Dummies shows you how to:

• Adopt and implement a security hardening policy

• Reduce your network's attack surface

• Comply with industry or government regulations continuously

• Proactively protect your systems (without breaking your budget)

Download your copy and get started on creating secure, trusted IT configurations your organization can depend on.

Whitepaper: 20 Critical Questions Your Security Programs Must Answer

by TripwireMar 16, 2014

This booklet/poster takes you step-by-step through the 20 Critical Security Controls, with an additional section that focuses on the first four fundamental controls. A convenient scorecard lets you rank your specific needs against NSA rankings.

Whitepaper: VM Article Anthology Vol. 1: Reduce Your Risk from Vulnerabilities and Threats

by TripwireMar 16, 2014

This anthology of blog posts from Tripwire's award-winning blog, "The State of Security" provides five cybersecurity experts' views on vulnerability management."

Whitepaper: Tripwire Vulnerability Scoring System

by TripwireMar 01, 2014

Measuring and managing the security risk associated with information and information technology remains one of the most challenging and elusive problems faced by all levels of an organization. The challenge of how to measure, and therefore how to manage, risk is ever-present and top of mind for information security professionals. Unfortunately, most of the tools for vulnerability and risk management that exist today do not provide a suitable metric and consequently do not improve an organization?s ability to cost effectively manage risk.

Whitepaper: Buyer's Guide to Choosing a Vulnerability Management Solution

by TripwireMar 01, 2014

Most organizations understand the critical role that vulnerability management (VM) plays in helping them meet compliance requirements,ensure security and reduce risk. However, many organizations discover,only after investing in a solution, that it doesn't properly address their needs. Avoiding this costly mistake can be difficult though, because at first glance many VM solutions appear similar.

This guide helps you objectively choose a new or replacement VM solution by teasing out the real differences between the various available VM solutions. It also discusses recent advancements in VM technologies that can help you more effectively reduce risk in your organization.