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Headquartered in Bangalore and subsidiary of Norway based CAMO ASA (, Proteans Software Solutions offers specialized services in Outsourced Product Development (OPD) space. We have five global delivery centers in Bangalore from where we have built over 200 software products for over 75 leading global software companies. We have worldwide offices in USA, UK, Norway, and Sweden.

Proteans provides software research, engineering, and support services to Software Product Companies worldwide. Being, purely focused on software product development, Proteans brings tremendous value to software vendors by reducing product release cycles, controlling costs, and enabling market leadership through quality and innovation.

Proteans use agile practices, have expertise in Microsoft.NET, Java, MS SQL/Oracle, and Open Source, and caters to Banking and Financial, Ecommerce, Education, and Government sectors. Our Professional Services help enterprises to maximize returns by implementing, custom developing, and integrating foundation technology products for Customer Relationship, Enterprise Collaboration.

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Whitepaper: Seven Metrics To Help Assess Your Enterprise SOA Strategy

by Proteans Software Solutions Pvt LtdMay 15, 2009

For several years, organizations are facing issues in aligning business applications (in-house software applications or third-party software applications) with goals and business requirements. Companies face the challenge of developing customized APIs for third-party applications and developing applications from scratch instead of using third-party applications. However, sometimes the solutions are not permanent and provide only minor relief. Here are seven metrics to help assess your enterprise SOA strategy.

Whitepaper: Eight Steps To Implement Agile Software Product Testing Practices

by Proteans Software Solutions Pvt LtdApr 20, 2009

The new economic reality puts the spotlight on the need for agile software product development. An agile environment reduces the cost of development and achieves payback on the investment sooner than in a traditional approach. Software product testing in an agile environment offers a completely different perspective and is packed with multiple challenges. Proteans Software Solutions offers eight steps to implement agile software product testing practices.