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Engagement Systems helps organizations leverage their CRM investment to grow sales and improve ROI through intelligent marketing automation. The web-enabled software works with existing CRM programs to help capture and nurture leads, retain customers, and win back defecting clients by automating personalized communications at the exact moment prospects and customers need it.

Engagement Systems is the first and only marketing automation solution where the creation and execution of multi-channel communications, including direct mail, email and Personalized URLs, happens within the application itself. No more exporting files and coordinating web-developers, printers or email providers! Engagement Systems accesses the data stored within your existing CRM system to make it actionable throughout the entire customer life cycle. With Engagement Systems, you can maintain an ongoing and relevant dialog with prospects and customers based upon their individual needs and interests.

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Whitepaper: Automated CRM Marketing Can Optimize Customer Life Cycle

by Engagement SystemsJan 20, 2009

In this white paper, you�ll learn how to transform your CRM system from a passive data center into a profit-driving machine that automates time-consuming sales and marketing processes for increased sales, reduced costs, and a better ROI for your CRM investment.

Additionally, you'll learn how to dramatically increase the return on your CRM investment and build long-term revenue by:

  • Building a solid communications plan and budget allocation based upon the entire customer life cycle and prospects' buying process.
  • Fostering a single unified sales and marketing team charged with mutual short- and long-term goals and metrics.
  • Implementing an automated marketing solution using CRM triggers to initiate and manage communications.
  • Matching messaging to the needs of the customer or prospect using personalized multi-channel communications.
  • Adopting a system that makes it possible to automatically deploy 1:1 communications to one person at a time.