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Whitepaper: VoIP And IPT: Basics To Best Practices

by Delphi, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Delphi discusses the state of VoIP and IP telephony in this presentation. The discussion includes information on the advantages of VoIP networks and best practices.

Whitepaper: Cutting The Corporate Energy Bill

by Delphi, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

This presentation is a digest of a two day seminar called ?Managing and Controlling the IT Power Bill? from BCR Training. "Green" IT is an increasingly attractive notion to IT executives.

Whitepaper: Saving Money With Green VoIP

by Delphi, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

Delphi offers an overview of how you can save on power consumption in VoIP systems. This presentation includes trends and best practices.

Whitepaper: Best Practices in Deploying VoIP

by Delphi, Inc.Jan 13, 2012

When deploying a VoIP system, best practices embrace such areas as LAN and WAN readiness, security, reliability, compliance, and performance assessment.