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Altor Networks is pioneering a new class of virtual security solutions to secure production-oriented virtualized data centers. The company's initial product line includes the industry's first-ever purpose-built virtual firewall, a software security appliance that runs in a virtualized environment and enforces security policy on a per virtual machine basis. Data center administrators can now pinpoint a broad range of virtual network security compromises and easily create roles-based security policies. For the first time, security policies can be continuously enforced on individual virtual machines, even as they move throughout the virtualized data center.

Founded by security and networking experts from Check Point Software, Cisco and Oracle, Altor Networks is funded by Accel Partners and Foundation Capital and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit

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Whitepaper: Alternatives for Securing Virtual Networks

by Altor NetworksApr 03, 2009

View the "Alternatives for Securing Virtual Networks" white paper which describes virtualization security threats and challenges with virtual networks and cloud computing. Add defense-in-depth security to your virtualized data center with Altor VF virtual firewall.

An increasingly large share of data center network traffic is occurring between VMs within a virtualization server - on the �virtual network� - yet VM and network administrators have minimal ability to see or control inter-VM communication. By default, every VM on the host can communicate directly with every other VM through a simple virtual switch, without any inter-VM traffic monitoring or policy-based inspection and filtering.

Inter-VM traffic on a host doesn�t touch the physical network: it is invisible to traditional network monitoring tools and unprotected by physical network security devices. As a result, VMs are highly vulnerable to attack. For example, a buffer overflow attack on a vulnerable application can enable an attacker to run arbitrary code in a VM. With no packet inspection or filtering of virtual network traffic, the attacker can gain access to all other VMs resident on the host.