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Whitepaper: Declare War on Broken File Links

by LinktekJul 01, 2011

You're fighting a battle being waged against broken links contained within your company's files. Your weapon is "LinkFixerPlus". LinkFixerPlus is a patented software tool that automatically fixes broken links within Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Acrobat, AutoCAD, MicroStation, InDesign, HTML, Windows Shortcut and other files.

Whitepaper: Broken File Links: Get the Solution

by LinktekFeb 17, 2010

Broken links disrupt employees work and lower productivity as they struggle to obtain inaccessible data.

Companies that do not address this growing problem now will face frustrated users and lost confidence in business information that relies on data culled from embedded links.

Download this whitepaper and discover a solution that helps to automatically identify embedded links, and retain the connection between the original file and the associated linked files and data.

Whitepaper: Preventing Broken Links During Server OS Migrations

by LinktekFeb 17, 2010

Server Operating System (OS) migrations introduce the potential for broken file links � a major problem that can have a dramatic impact on usability and productivity.

Organizations planning data migrations are downloading this whitepaper to discover a software application that can automatically find and repair broken links in the most common file formats used today.