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Orange Legal Technologies delivers one source litigation, audit, and investigation support services with a focus on the electronic discovery tasks of analytics, processing, and review. Our OneO Discovery Platform, provides law firm and corporate legal professionals with an integrated, web-accessible, forensically sound electronic discovery platform that enables online analytics, processing, and review of data from the security of a hosted centralized repository. The OneO Discovery Platform can quantifiably save users 1/2 the time, 1/2 the cost, while lowering the risks associated with traditional electronic discovery approaches.

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Whitepaper: Time, Risk, And Cost In Electroinc Discovery

by Orange Legal TechnologiesFeb 10, 2009

Balancing time, risk, and cost in the conduct of electronic discovery continues to be one of the greatest challenges faced by legal professionals today. Technology advances, laws which further define electronically stored information (ESI), and current economic conditions all serve to increase both the importance and complexity of meeting this challenge of balance. How does one best approach the conduct of the key electronic discovery tasks of evaluating (analytics), processing, and reviewing

Whitepaper: Conceptual Search in Electronic Discovery

by Orange Legal TechnologiesJan 28, 2009

According to the Radicati Group, the average business mailbox contains 4.3 GB of potentially discoverable ESI. The burden of dealing with that volume is obvious. Automated tools to help identify responsive and privileged documents are being used more and more as the only viable way to manage these massive volumes of information. Electronic Discovery professionals have been looking for ways to limit the number of documents that need to be reviewed, because review is usually the most expensive

Whitepaper: Considering Third-Generation Discovery: Two Approaches For Evaluating eDiscovery Offerings

by Orange Legal TechnologiesDec 05, 2008

With the many products and services available in the marketplace today, the need to be able to uniformly contrast and compare electronic discovery offerings continues to grow. Even though more and more vendors are providing pricing comparison tools that can help in considering their offerings, there continues to be a need for comparison frameworks to help electronic discovery professionals systematically evaluate offerings beyond pricing and through the lens of additional factors to include