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Rogue Wave Software, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise class C++ components and infrastructure that enable organizations to build and deploy high performance applications. Only Rogue Wave provides the most complete C++ technology stack including C++ components, UI components, run-time infrastructure, and services. Today, thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen Rogue Wave.

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Whitepaper: Defend against injection attacks

by Rogue Wave SoftwareNov 09, 2016

As our reliability on software grows each day, it becomes imperative that we implement software in the most secure manner possible.

In this white paper we'll explore the risk of injection attacks, how to prevent these vulnerabilities in your software, and how static code analysis can help.

Whitepaper: Your CFO cares about DevOps: The economics behind continuous delivery

by Rogue Wave SoftwareNov 09, 2016

Applications are complex and fast-evolving, and with the expansion of mobile and web consumption demanding flexibility to handle constant requirement changes effectively, businesses are forced to reassess their application delivery strategies.

New software development methodologies have emerged to address the need for agility starting from development practices to full automation of the software release process. This collection of best practices have matured into the continuous delivery (CD) process, which applies industrialization concepts to software.

This paper discusses the disruptions that have already changed software delivery, why your CFO should support DevOps, key principles of DevOps maturity, and mainstream adoption of DevOPs and continous delivery processes.

Whitepaper: Reduce Your Open Source Security Risk: Strategies, tactics, and tools

by Rogue Wave SoftwareNov 09, 2016

Open source software is here to stay but that doesn't mean that developers can use it without considering the vulnerabilities and security issues they may introduce into their development projects. The fact is, there's no such thing as bulletproof, bug-free, automatically license compliant, and easily auditable software. Not in the open source world and not in the commercial off the shelf (COTS) world.

Learn how to employ new strategies, tactics, tools, and services to reduce your open source security risk.

Whitepaper: Static code analysis in an Agile world

by Rogue Wave SoftwareNov 09, 2016

To keep pace with ever-increasing customer demands on software functionality and time-to-market expectations, software developers are having to develop higher quality code faster.

As a result, Agile development is becoming more common. However, to fully realize the benefits of Agile, a repeatable process for ensuring code is free of defects and security vulnerabilities is critical. This paper examines how source code analysis can enhance the Agile development process and empower Agile teams.

Whitepaper: Four Strategies to Reduce Your Open Source Risk

by Rogue Wave SoftwareNov 09, 2016

Try to think of a single system in the world that hasn't been touched by open source software. Whether included in the product or as part of the development environment, open source plays a dominant role in the success of software development teams everywhere. It's not surprising that every developer has their favorite open source tool to solve particular problems because they understand the substantial time and cost savings when reusing code built by an expert code they don't have to worry about.

Whitepaper: Application Security Webinar Series

by Rogue Wave SoftwareAug 27, 2015

In this three-part series you will hear from security experts as they address:

• How to ensure your code is bulletproof
• How to ensure your processes are secure
• Questions from your peers on how to best manage your application security.

Whitepaper: Software as a process

by Rogue Wave SoftwareAug 17, 2015

Today's software products are the result of many suppliers, vendors, open source repositories, and legacy code coming together in a mix of different processes, standards, and cultures. Each input offers a chance to introduce safety, security, or performance-related errors.

This paper explains the challenges of this polyglot environment and how strategies and tools proven in a number of industries can be applied to your organization to reduce defects, meet requirements, and minimize costs.

Whitepaper: Create more secure software code: 5 key steps

by Rogue Wave SoftwareAug 17, 2015

Software security, or rather the lack thereof, has become commonplace and an all too frequently recurring story in media around the world. Ultimately, all software security failures can be traced back to unsound application code or business processes and a general feeling that "we haven't had a problem with security, so it's not an issue for us."

By providing development teams with the right strategies, tools, and mindset, improving software security doesn't have to be a burden. This paper outlines five steps towards building security into the development process and into the minds of developers.

Whitepaper: Challenging Some of the Myths About Static Code Analysis

by Rogue Wave SoftwareMay 11, 2015

Static code analysis, or SCA, can be described as the analysis of whole-program source code without the execution of that program. A number of interpretations and even misconceptions about this technology and how it impacts or benefits you, the developer, have emerged over time.

Thankfully, there is also a lot of information about the many benefits SCA provides, from faster project execution, to better source code at check-in, to less costly development cycles and shorter time-to-market. In this whitepaper, we dispel some of the myths about SCA, and provide code examples to illustrate how SCA contributes to better code throughout the SDLC.

Whitepaper: Rogue Wave Tools and Libraries for Big Data

by Rogue Wave SoftwareMay 11, 2015

Big Data applications are among the fastest-growing and demanding in the business and research communities. They encompass a range of workloads in real-time analytics, data mining, complex event processing, and visualization. Implemented properly, they offer commercial users a critical perspective into predicting business trends and behaviors and enable researchers to view their data in ways that will reveal valuable correlations and relationships.