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3X Systems provides Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) with backup and disaster recovery solutions that are designed to meet their unique business requirements. Our extensive experience with SMBs and their IT Providers has helped us design high value products that deliver the requisite technical capabilities without the management complexity of traditional solutions. The company's marquee product is the 3X Backup system. This solution delivers automatic, off-site backup for all of a company's critical data, whether it sits on servers, desktops, remote offices, traveling laptops, or home computers. As an all in one appliance, the 3X Remote Backup Appliance (RBA) is yours to buy and own, eliminating the high, recurring cost of online providers or the hassle of media, USB hard drives, and other piecemeal solutions.

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Whitepaper: True Cost of Tape Backup

by 3X SystemsApr 02, 2009

Companies frequently assume that their current backup solution or backup management process can be retained at no cost to the company. However, in the case of tape backup, the reality is that the cost of �doing nothing� can often be greater than the cost of a new solution. In fact, the analysis conducted in the 3X Systems and Glomark-Governan white paper found that for many companies, eliminating the labor of managing a tape backup would fully compensate a business for the cost of a new solution.