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Since 1998 Cornerstone Technology has been active in IT legacy conversion, modernization, re-platforming, migration and re-structuring through meta-information solutions. Cornerstone's Products & Services are based on the own developed G4-platform. Our G4-platform solutions automate the processes of analysis, documentation, transformation, modernization, re-platforming, conversion and migration. Due to the degree of this automation, risk is minimised, quality is higher and the applications are available faster. The most appreciated customer benefit is the non-freezing of applications during the project cycle, so there is no loss of capital from business disruption.

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Whitepaper: High Bandwidth Internet Access: Opening Doors to New Capabilities

by Cornerstone Technology BVMar 29, 2013

High bandwidth, and the content that rides over it, enables rapid acceleration of business development and the type of collaboration that drives innovation. Companies are now choosing - from options such as fiber, cable access transport, copper, and wireless - the greatest bandwidth available in their markets. Gain perspective on trends in American and global markets that are generating the need for big bandwidth as companies rely increasingly on business and IT tools such as interactive video, hosted desktops, online backup, and multi-server backup.

Whitepaper: ERP For IT And Tooling For Automation

by Cornerstone Technology BVMar 26, 2009

The question is what can be depicted to be a major key for a successful ERP implementation for the IT disciplines The primary condition for effective ERP systems for the IT-shop itself is self-automation. No human expert input or intervention! Enterprise applications must be automatically inputted into the ERP database. This aspect makes system engineering methodologies like ITIL much more consistent and complete.