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CFN Services, the Low Latency Leader, is a managed telecom infrastructure services company providing network services for the Enterprise, Public Sector and Carrier Markets, specializing in network design, planning, deployment, and managed services, including: Low Latency Global Exchange Connectivity, Global, Regional and metro network design and cost optimization and mobile backhaul optimization CFN Services specializes in Data Center optimization ensuring the long haul network enhances the Enterprise distributed network strategy.

CFN Services leverages FiberSource, a global knowledge-based platform that can view all available dark and lit fiber, collocation, and lit buildings; providing the ability to quickly identify and design ultra low latency solutions.

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Whitepaper: Equinix and CFN Services Enable Lowest Latency Connectivity and Collocation Services

by CFN ServicesJun 21, 2010

Equinix enables CFN Services to continue to meet the demands of providing lowest latency solutions via their Low Latency Global Exchange Infrastructure, consisting of over 25 data centers across 6 countries.

Whitepaper: Trading Beyond the Horizon

by CFN ServicesJan 27, 2010

In 2010, financial markets participants will continue to expand their trading activities as liquidity increasingly becomes fragmented, seeking alpha in new markets, best execution in dark pools, arbitrage opportunities across the order book and by implementing high frequency and complex, multi-leg, cross asset class strategies. The successful operations � whether they be the proprietary desks of traditional broker/dealers, specialist high frequency and algorithmic traders, or quantitative hedge funds � will leverage a trading infrastructure that combines high performance analytical, algorithmic and order routing platforms with the lowest latency access to multiple, geographically dispersed execution venues. Multi-market trading � leveraging a fragmented market landscape � introduces new challenges, even for trading firms that have mastered the complexities of low-latency execution using approaches such as co-location and proximity. Those mechanisms, while still relevant, provide a less complete solution when trading across markets that are geographically dispersed. For multi-market trading, optimization of long-haul and metro communications links, combined with smart use of co-location, is an imperative for achieving the lowest latency, and this requires an understanding of connectivity offerings at a deep, granular level. This industry briefing explains the drivers for fragmentation and multi-market trading, the evolving landscape of market access, and explores connectivity approaches to minimize latency.

Whitepaper: Proximity Hosting Pitfalls

by CFN ServicesSep 01, 2009

Zero latency is the optimal trading speed that all firms hope to achieve at some point. But until that can become a reality, there is a race to keep reducing latency from all aspects of the trading process. From the server to the messaging to the sending and receiving of data, each piece must be optimized to reach the goal of zero latency. There are many avenues companies are looking at to reduce variables and risk to latency one of those is proximity hosting.

Whitepaper: Latency In Telecom Networks

by CFN ServicesMar 18, 2009

It used to be that latency�the time it takes for a signal to travel from one point to another in telecom networks�was of concern only to people using specific applications such as international voice calls transmitted via satellite. Such calls are sensitive to high levels of latency, which negatively impacts the voice quality of the call. More recently, however, latency has become of interest to a broader audience. Businesses� increased reliance on telecom networks and improved processing speeds for computer networks and the LANs/WANs that interconnect them, have combined to make the speed at which a signal travels in a telecom network more noticeable and critical.