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Whitepaper: Hotspots: Exploring The Opportunities

by Verax SystemsMay 05, 2010

Verax Systems details the possibilities of hotspots in this white paper. The company discusses how the proper management of hotspots can be a source of additional revenue, market research, or a medium to display information such as advertisements.

Whitepaper: Cross-Platform Database Management

by Verax SystemsMay 04, 2010

Over the last few years database technologies have developed greatly. Many platforms with different functionality and complexity levels are available. It is a common belief that the more available and diverse the solutions, the better. But what about working with many different platforms at the same time?

Whitepaper: The Legal Side Of Software As A Service

by Verax SystemsMay 03, 2010

The SaaS model has become a key concept in today�s software deployment. It is already among the mainstream solutions on the IT market. But however easy and beneficial it may seem, there are many legal aspects one must be aware of, ranging from licenses and agreements to data safety and information privacy.

Whitepaper: APINI Project Portfolio Management And Project Controlling

by Verax SystemsAug 01, 2009

The bigger the organization, the harder it is to obtain the overview of projects in progress. The lack of such a view provides problems with effective risk prevention and mitigation. Most companies monitor punctuality of deliveries, however, not all of them can be accurate in defining budgetary performance at any given moment. The solution may be an implementation of project portfolio management in order to measure and report the real-time project management indexes with the minimum effort. APINI is a Web 2.0 portal system for gathering and exchanging information in knowledge-driven enterprises. It also contains task, project, and resource management features for management in project-oriented organizations.

Whitepaper: APINI Project Management

by Verax SystemsJan 08, 2009

The requirement of using project management methods is a necessary condition to succeed within the dimensions of time, finance, functionality, and quality. Nevertheless, in addition to the management methods, it is crucial to use tools supporting the project management and documenting its progress. This publication presents APINI project management functionality, which supports planning, executing, and controlling projects based on Prince2 management methods.