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As a global leader in information technology, HP applies new thinking and ideas to deliver simpler, more valuable experiences with technology. Our goal is to continuously improve the way our customers live and work. HP integrates sophisticated technology into products and services that are easy to use and manage, offering functionalities to meet virtually any need of our customers from individual consumers to the largest enterprises. Customers spend less time thinking about technology and more time focusing on what really matters to them. HP delivers experiences that are truly valuable and trusted because our people, partners and portfolio of products and services help our customers achieve results that count. Our heritage of quality and reliability combined with our commitment to long lasting relationships gives our customers the confidence they need to accomplish their goals.

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Whitepaper: Redesigning for Digital

by HP ExstreamAug 11, 2015

With a diverse range of consumers, insurers today are learning that the core systems they've relied on for years require an extensive upgrade. See how you can take this opportunity to modernize by investing in customer communication management software to cut through the noise and make the most of every customer touch point.

Research Report: Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software

by HP ExstreamAug 07, 2015

Executing a CCM strategy requires software applications that compose, personalize, format and output content acquired from various sources -- and can be delivered in customer-preferred channels. CCM software solutions include a variety of core elements including a design tool, a composition engine and multichannel output capabilities. Prospective buyers need to be savvy when selecting a solution.

Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software now to learn more about how HP Exstream and other providers can enable you to create, personalize and deliver communications to customers more effectively via any output channel -- mobile, email, SMS, websites, print.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream Enterprise Document Automation For Child Support Enforcement Agencies

by HP ExstreamSep 18, 2009

Achieve better performance metrics with HP Exstream. Create, manage, distribute, and track communications to clients, including electronic messages. Intelligent workflows ensure all parties�such as case workers, parents, and the judiciary�get the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Faster and more efficient communication could mean earlier intervention for missed payments to avoid collections processes or begin them sooner. Prioritize and incorporate only the most relevant messages into communications based on business rules, available document white space, or recipient criteria. Communicate clearly through a variety of channels (such as print, Web, and SMS) with visually appealing documents that simplify complex information, with options like data-driven charts of almost any type.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream for Health and Human Services

by HP ExstreamSep 18, 2009

Create, manage, distribute, and track communications �including electronic messages�all within the same integrated software solution. Case workers, recipients, and providers can communicate faster and more efficiently, which results in fewer errors, higher compliance levels, and increased service levels. Create targeted communications and eliminate impersonal correspondence. Prioritize and incorporate only the most relevant messages or pre-printed inserts into communications based on user-defined business rules. Comply with regulations and improve response rates by delivering information in the constituent�s primary language. HP Exstream even includes a spell checker for 21 languages.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream For Public Sector Overview

by HP ExstreamSep 17, 2009

Most government agencies face increased program demands, decreased budgets, and a shrinking workforce while striving to implement more efficient citizen and employee communication processes. Technology issues�such as non-integrated systems and disparate content sources and databases, along with uncoordinated delivery channels�make addressing these needs difficult. To meet these challenges and make communications (like eligibility notices and tax statements) more effective, government agencies need a single document automation platform that seamlessly supports high-volume, on-demand, and interactive document applications of all types, regardless of complexity, variability, or output channel.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream For Tax And Revenue Agencies

by HP ExstreamSep 17, 2009

HP Exstream�s role-based design interface makes it easy to create personalized citizen communications and repetitive documents (such as notifications, tax documentation, statements, and assessments), regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel. Easier-to-read documents enhance the taxpayer experience. With HP Exstream�s powerful connector technology, you can simultaneously access data from multiple taxpayer databases, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise content management systems, and legacy systems. You can also quickly incorporate legislative changes and public service announcements directly into citizen correspondence.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream for Motor Vehicle Agencies

by HP ExstreamSep 17, 2009

HP Exstream document applications allow you to quickly pull data from multiple databases simultaneously to create and update vehicle registration documents, driver�s licenses, and order letters. HP Exstream helps you design and deliver fully customized communications much faster than point solutions. Some government agencies have experienced up to 85 percent faster application development processing times.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream: Interactive Documents Get Smarter

by HP ExstreamApr 01, 2009

In the digital age, the document -� in all its many formats -� has become the cornerstone of customer communications. From account notices, billing statements, and welcome kits to sales decks, direct mail promotions, and e-mail newsletters, the document is central to any company�s efforts to get, keep,and grow customers.

Whitepaper: HP Exstream for Insurance: The Enterprise Document Automation Software of Choice

by HP ExstreamApr 01, 2009

Learn how HP Exstream is becoming the enterprise document automation software of choice for insurance carriers. Gain insights into how HP Exstream solutions significantly reduce costs and enhance the customer experience with a single software solution for policies, bills, statements, correspondence and more.

Video: Using Content to Improve the Customer Experience: HP Exstream Company Overview Flash

by HP ExstreamApr 01, 2009

Your business has made significant investments to manage and govern the vast amounts of content continually flowing in and out of your organization. The extent to which you can absorb, utilize, transform, and create value with that content will differentiate you among your competitors. Key to success is technology that allows you to easily access and use content to create a better experience for your customers, communicating with them more effectively and efficiently across all channels -- including print/mail, the web, email, and interactively.