Workday is the leader in enterprise-class, on-demand solutions for managing global businesses, combining the lower cost of ownership of software-as-a-service with a modern approach to applications. Founded by PeopleSoft veterans Dave Duffield and Aneel Bhusri, Workday delivers Human Resources, Financial Management and Payroll solutions for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. Workday's next generation system-of-record leverages standards-based integration and provides a new enterprise foundation for global companies. Workday has more than 70 customers.

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Whitepaper: Integration On-Demand

by WorkdayMar 01, 2010

Workday is committed to helping customers solve their enterprise systems integration problems. Learn how Workday applies the strict use of open standards, provides complete integration solutions to leading vendors, and includes easy-to-use tools that help solve common integration use-cases.

Whitepaper: The Continuous Innovation of SaaS

by WorkdayMar 01, 2010

Learn about the next-generation system-of-record. Understand the changes and challenges with current technology, and learn how continuous innovation has now become critical for any "new" system-of-record. The result: SaaS-based ERP solutions now offer a compelling advantage for companies looking for a more flexible and innovative path to managing their workforce.

Whitepaper: Forrester: The ROI Of SaaS

by WorkdayMar 01, 2010

Companies switching to SaaS realize the short-term cost benefits over traditional on-premise applications. However, many organizations wonder if the value of SaaS continues. Is SaaS a long-term win as well? Forrester Research found that SaaS does in fact result in long-term value.

Whitepaper: Workday Offers Different Approach To Human Capital Management

by WorkdayMar 19, 2009

Before implementing Workday Human Capital Management, Chiquita Brands International had three legacy HR systems that no longer supported a diverse, global enterprise. Learn how Workday's on-demand architecture means Chiquita can roll out its new system worldwide from a single instance, eliminating IT hassles. Workday's flexibility means HR can build in the business processes and organizational structures it needs�even as the company grows.

Whitepaper: Moving Beyond Monolithic - What's Next For Enterprise Application Architectures?

by WorkdayMar 19, 2009

Review the current state of enterprise application architecture and get a prediction on what might come next. Understand Workday's vision for application architectures based on a core system of record.

Whitepaper: UI, Unplugged: Workday Reinvents The User Experience In Enterprise Applications

by WorkdayMar 19, 2009

Enterprise applications are complex and hard to use. Workday believes that, much like MTV's "unplugged," simple and robust is where it's at. Learn more about Workday's "unplugged" approach, the notion that technology is at its best when it's first focused on the user experience�and secondly on the robust back-end infrastructure, and how its applications embody both elements.

Whitepaper: Craft A Strategy To Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

by WorkdayMar 19, 2009

The current economic crisis is driving companies to assess their present and planned HR footprint in an effort to identify cost savings and business improvement opportunities. The purpose of this white paper is to provide a road map for assessing the total cost of ownership of your HR technology footprint and to support building a business case to improve it.

Whitepaper: Shape Your Apps Strategy To Reflect New SaaS Licensing And Pricing Trends

by WorkdayMar 19, 2009

Recessionary forces drive applications professionals to seek new delivery models such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and other XaaS (X as a service) models, but with these options' upfront benefits come new ownership risks. Check out Forrester's review of 11 vendors of SaaS ERP, CRM, and SCM to learn which five key actions mitigate risk while avoiding lock-in.