At Predictix, we help Tier 1 retailers and brands make better merchandising decisions with the first and only software-as-a-service suite for planning, allocation, assortment and space optimization, pricing, promotions, forecasting, and replenishment. Building on our executive team's experience in leading well-known retail technology companies, we've developed our software from the ground up so our clients can completely tailor and readily adapt it as their business needs change. We implement our solutions rapidly and with no hardware to buy, software to install, large upfront investments to make, or long-term commitments to sign, our clients can move quickly and confidently on their merchandising initiatives.

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Whitepaper: Are Retailers Rational Players Stuck In An Irrational Game?

by PredictixJan 01, 2009

In the last 12 months, the retail industry has seen shockwaves bigger than in the last 50 years. Their business has fundamentally changed. Retailers and brands who until recently had a clear sense of who their customers were and how, when, what, why, and at what prices they bought, find themselves in a new world where all of these variables are in constant flux. This continuous change is limiting their ability to plan, forecast, price, and replenish effectively. Thus, retailers and brands are left facing a dilemma: They need new technology to adapt their processes and to respond more rapidly to their changing markets, but they can�t afford the massive upfront capital expenditures or lengthy implementations associated with new technology. Between selecting and deploying technology, a retailer may not even start seeing value for one to two years, and that is no longer a viable option. Fortunately, standing still is not the only option. Recent advances in software-as-a-service (SaaS) retail technology are finally bringing enterprise-class solutions to retailers and brands so they can move quickly to improve their buying and selling decisions.