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Progress Software Corporation provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information technology while minimizing its complexity and total cost of ownership.

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Research Report: How Business Rule Automation Helps Insurers Deal with Digital Disruption

by Progress SoftwareJun 01, 2015

Insurers are facing a perfect storm of change, driven by digital industry disruption. Your customers' expectations and habits are changing; the forces acting on your business model are changing, particularly in relation to distribution; and your competition is changing. All these factors together are creating a business and technology environment characterized by greater customer power and competition; and greater need to build closer customer relationships across multiple channels.

Whitepaper: 5 Reasons to Adopt Business Rules

by Progress SoftwareJun 01, 2015

Learn 5 simple reasons you need business rules to help speed up workflows, bring new products to market and better serve your customers.

Whitepaper: Demystifying the Advantages of Business Rules

by Progress SoftwareJun 01, 2015

In a business world focused on increasing agility and reducing operational costs, business decisions have become just as valuable as our data, our products and our people. Every day companies have to make thousands of recurring decisions.

But how can you ensure the decisions being made are correct given that your business is constantly changing to adapt to market conditions, customer requirements, regulations and evolving business strategy? This eBook shows you how.

Whitepaper: Core Banking Processes: How to Improve Operational Decision Making

by Progress SoftwareJun 01, 2015

Decisions represent up to 70% of the tasks in banking processes. If you're like most banks, you have hundreds of unique business processes with thousands of unique activities. When 70% of those tasks involve decisions, you're making thousands of these decisions a day. Learn how to quickly create or change the rules that run your business. The result? A more agile business. One that can stay ahead of market changes.

Whitepaper: Keep Your Application Data Safe

by Progress SoftwareJun 04, 2012

Even when using an application with the best security, the only way to keep data truly secure across the network is to ensure that your database middleware supports the latest security features. Kerberos authentication and SSL encryption are no longer cutting edge "nice-to-have" options. They are mandatory elements to any successful security strategy. Some drivers may not support these security features - others may only offer support from some platforms. Still other driver options may require