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Verisae, Inc. empowers organizations to engage in On Demand Sustainability initiatives in a localized facility or across a global enterprise. Their core offerings allow distributed organizations across the globe to effectively track and manage assets from the usage, cost to run, energy consumption, and carbon consequence perspectives. They are uniquely position to help organizations prove return on investment (ROI) on Greenhouse Gas management and reporting. Their solutions are delivered via a common web browser so that organizations with thousands of locations and 10's of thousands of assets can be implemented in a manner of months. Given the heightened priority of corporate sustainability, Verisae is positioned right now to enable organizations to establish a carbon footprint baseline, outline energy management options, and provide a comprehensive corporate sustainability action plans in a manner of months.

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Whitepaper: How To Prepare Your Organization For The Phase Out of R-22 HCFC Refrigerants

by Verisae, Inc.Feb 01, 2009

The EPA is limiting the amount of R-22 HCFC refrigerant to 20% LESS than industry demand. This means R-22 will likely increase in cost substantially and available stocks may be bought up by the bigger organizations. It could also mean that reclaimed, recycled, and used R-22 could become more valuable than virgin R-22 refrigerant because it can be used �universally� in pre and post 2010 HVAC-R systems. Staying in compliance is important; save money, reduce emissions, and retain critical corporate assets.