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Panopticon's data visualization software helps traders, portfolio managers, CIOs, and other managers in financial institutions make timely, insightful and informed business decisions. Panopticon combines innovations in three areas:

> World class, academically validated information visualizations, including Treemaps, Heat Maps, Stack Graphs, Horizon Graphs, Bullet Graphs and other useful data visualisations.
> Business Intelligence monitoring & analysis functions.
> Ability to connect to virtually any data source, including streaming feeds, relational databases, and proprietary data formats.

The Panopticon Data Visualization platform is available as an SDK that enables firms to embed these capabilities into their own proprietary applications. The company also offers enterprise and desktop versions of its data visualization tools that companies can deploy quickly. Panopticon offers a free trial period for all of its data visualization software, including its popular Treemap and Heatmap enterprise-deployed and desktop software products.

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Latest Content From Panopticon Software

Webcast: Effective Trader Activity & Performance Monitoring with a CEP-Enabled Data Visualization System

by Panopticon SoftwareOct 14, 2010

The combination of Panopticon, Sybase RAP and the Aleri CEP engine provides a platform for real-time monitoring of flow trading effectiveness. The system supports performance monitoring across traders, ECNs/Venues, desks, products, maturity baskets, client/counterparties and industry groups. This platform provides immediate feedback to trading and sales desks, allowing them to maximize client profitability and service. Additionally, the data produced by the system is retained in the Sybase RAP

Webcast: Real-Time Visual Analysis of Financial Risk Data

by Panopticon SoftwareSep 16, 2010

Securities and investment management firms are combining the analytical power of the Sybase Aleri CEP engine with Panopticon's OLAP-enabled data visualization tools to monitor real-time profit & loss (P&L) and risk-limit usage and analyze many other types of risk data. Common applications for this platform include: - Real-Time P&L Monitoring - Market Risk - Credit / Counterparty Risk - Liquidity Risk Whether you are looking at risk in real time, intraday, end of day, or on a historic

Webcast: Statistical Beauty - Visual Analysis of Economic Data Sets

by Panopticon SoftwareFeb 23, 2010

This webinar uses a variety of macroeconomic data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the United Nations (UN) Statistics Division to demonstrate how to create truly useful and easy-to-understand analytical dashboards. Statistics by themselves are often hard to understand and difficult to analyze objectively. The right software makes it possible to develop interactive information graphics that do more than dazzle: They help people truly understand and

Webcast: Visualize Portfolio Attribution, Performance & Risk

by Panopticon SoftwareJan 26, 2010

This webinar presents an advanced visual analysis dashboard that allows managers to view aggregated risk, tracking error, performance and associated attribution from all funds under management right down to the constituent level of a single portfolio, and then allows them to see the impact of changing underlying constituents. WEBINAR: Visualize Portfolio Risk, Performance and Attribution Peter Simpson is our VP Research & Development. He is responsible for all development, pre-sales, support

Webcast: Use Panopticon's Developer SDK 5.4 to Embed Interactive, Real-Time Data Visualizations in Microsoft WPF Environments

by Panopticon SoftwareDec 10, 2009

Panopticon Developer is our comprehensive SDK that allows you to tightly embed both our in-memory OLAP data engine and visual data analysis tools into your own enterprise applications. The SDK works with .NET (WinForm & WebForm), Java and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) environments. WPF provides a unified framework for building applications and high-fidelity experiences in Windows 7 and other operating system environments. It blends application UI, documents, and media content.

Webcast: Visualize Real-Time Streaming Data Feeds in Visual Data Analytics Dashboards

by Panopticon SoftwareNov 14, 2009

Users in many industries must make decisions based on data that is changing constantly. The ability to visualize time-critical data from multiple sources is key to making the best possible decisions. This is particularly true in the fast-moving world of financial services. This webinar explains how to use Panopticon EX data visualization software to monitor and analyze many different types of data sets, including real-time streaming stock market quote feeds. In addition to the support of

Webcast: How Opturo Created a Visual Analytics Dashboard for Its Performance & Attribution Application

by Panopticon SoftwareOct 15, 2009

Opturo Investment Process Automation has created a visual front end for its new ODIN Attribution Manager application. They used the Panopticon Developer SDK to tightly integrate Treemap, Heat Map and Scatter Plot data visualizations into the program. The dashboards allow fund managers to analyze the performance of their funds much more effectively than is possible with alternative systems. Opturo?s ODIN Attribution Manager is a comprehensive, low-latency and web-based in-house performance

Webcast: Maximize Your Sales Pipeline with New BI Dashboard Solution

by Panopticon SoftwareSep 15, 2009

Every organization must manage its sales pipeline for maximum effectiveness. In addition, managers need visibility into anticipated revenues as well as problem areas that require their immediate attention. This webinar presents Sales Intelligence, a unique BI solution for sales managers that allows them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their sales pipelines and anticipated revenue at a glance. This new solution is true business intelligence providing essential information for action.

Webcast: Using a Credit Risk Analysis & Monitoring Dashboard to Support Basel II Compliance

by Panopticon SoftwareAug 25, 2009

Panopticon?s Credit Risk Analysis & Monitoring Solution is an advanced set of data visualizations delivered in an easy-to-use, interactive Executive Dashboard. The system allows bank managers to understand their true level of risk exposures at all times and share that information in a timely manner with auditors, regulators, clients, or even the public. Kaveh Mossavati will explain how to build, deploy and use a Credit Risk Analysis & Monitoring Executive Dashboard. He has developed this tool

Webcast: Embed Multi-Platform Visual Data Analysis into Existing .NET and Java Applications

by Panopticon SoftwareAug 20, 2009

Most organizations have made significant investments in their current enterprise systems. Additional BI infrastructure spending must improve the availability and usefulness of enterprise data for managers making operational decisions. The new release of Panopticon's Developer SDK allows you to add advanced visual data analysis functionality into your existing application. Panopticon Developer is available for .NET and Java and may be embedded in HTML-only, thin client, or thick client