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Syntex Management Systems, Inc. designs, develops, and delivers IMPACT ERM´┐Ż Suite software solutions for Operational and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in multiple industries. Syntex enables organizations around the world to reduce their exposure to loss while implementing continuous process improvement to create an annually renewable impact on their bottom line. Through continuously improving the execution of enterprise-wide management systems, our customers improve their performance across operational, quality, compliance, auditing, reputation, environmental, health, safety and security management functions. As a result, Syntex has unequaled expertise in making our customers successful and protecting their reputations by turning continuous improvement strategies into repeatable practices and policies using the power of our enterprise class software solutions.

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Whitepaper: Enabling the Quality Improvement Cycle to Continuously Reduce Enterprisewide Risk

by Syntex Management Systems, Inc.Jun 08, 2010

The key to continuous quality improvement is to ensure that the organization's culture and procedures are focused on continually reducing and controlling variability in its operational processes. When defects occur or non-conformances are discovered, a consistent quality improvement cycle should be used, including: discovering and reporting events and issues; responding to and diagnosing these items and determining their root causes; implementing, closing, and validating action items to correct the problems at the source and prevent them from occurring in other areas.

Whitepaper: IMPACT ERM Suite Software

by Syntex Management Systems, Inc.Aug 01, 2009

This paper discusses developing and understanding the enterprisewide risk profile of an organization. This total risk picture can be developed using not only the data customarily available from financial and claims systems but also from data related to employees, contractors, environmental events, physical assets, product quality, and corporate reputation. This paper focuses on the benefits of a holistic approach to enterprise risk management. This approach enhances the ultimate sustainability of the enterprise through implementing a methodology to evolve the organization from a compliance-oriented culture to a proactive, continuous improvement-oriented culture focused on risk reduction. We discuss the roadmap to implementing an enterprisewide risk management approach and the business impact.