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Value Prism Consulting is a valuation and management consulting firm that provides services to a broad range of clients worldwide. Founded in 2005, Value Prism Consulting strives to provide our clients with innovative thinking and the highest quality of service to jointly advance our clients' business. Value Prism professionals have extensive experience working with diverse clients across a variety of industries, providing sound financial and management advice to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Whitepaper: Realizing Business Value through Collaborative Document Development

by Value Prism ConsultingOct 22, 2009

Collaborative Document Development is a business process that is common to organizations across all industries and all functional areas. In every business, information is communicated through reports and presentations - documents which are used in decision making at every level within an organization.

Collaborative Document Development describes how process stakeholders collaborate, create content, review content, revise content, publish final drafts, and archive important business documents. This paper describes how groups from a variety of industries and functional areas have added value to their organizations by improving Collaborative Document Development processes.