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Whitepaper: Content Management Systems Implementation Roadmap

by RosettaJun 01, 2009

Most of the content management systems implementation fail due to lack of proper planning and not clearly thinking through the short-term and long-term CMS needs of an organization. This paper derives a plan showing an implementation roadmap that could be very helpful for successful delivery of the project.

Whitepaper: Navigating Complexities Of Local Advertising Implementation

by RosettaFeb 01, 2007

With the demand from advertisers to put their listings on Web sites, the organizations and people managing these Web sites are facing challenges to put up the listings in minimal time so operations people don�t get behind in the requests; provide the advertisers the flexibility to select which listings show up at different placements on the Web site; and define and create new placements on the Web site faster and easier, based on the traffic to a specific page(s).