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INETCO Systems Limited creates business transaction management software and communications gateway solutions for payment networks and financial application performance management. The Company's flagship product, INETCO Insight, delivers easy, fast access to complete, real-time transaction information for customer service teams, IT teams and senior executives that need to anticipate transaction issues and confidently manage complex, ever-changing transaction environments. A recognized technology leader in the TCP/IP payment transactions space, INETCO products are currently deployed within financial, retail, and telecommunications environments in more than 50 countries. INETCO is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For more information, visit http://www.inetco.com

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Video: Agent vs. Agentless - The application performance and transaction monitoring debate

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Apr 01, 2011

For years, IT managers and application performance management teams have argued about the pros and cons of agent versus agentless monitoring software. But when it comes to business transaction management (BTM), there is a clear benefit tied to agentless deployment solutions. This is especially true if you are monitoring virtual and cloud-based applications and third party network environments.

Video: Monitoring Your Globe-Trotting Payment Transactions

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Jan 13, 2011

How to manage the performance of payment transactions as they traverse multiple protocols, EFT networks, and critical applications you do not own. Managing payment transactions has gotten more complex due to the consumer's increasing adoption of electronic alternatives for payments such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Square and Google, the emergence of new channels types such as mobile payments, and the financial industry's ongoing push towards globalization. It is becoming more and more

Webcast: What Makes PayPal Disruptive?

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Dec 09, 2010

The payments space is undergoing ruthless change and innovation... and PayPal continues to lead the race. A few years back, PayPal generated explosive shockwaves in the e-payments business. They are now positioned to do the same in a wide scope of other alternative payment areas such as mobile payments, person-to-person, and business-to-business payments. How does this company continue to master the art of disruption, and turn it into a fundamental tool for driving their business? How can you

Whitepaper: Paving the Way to Risk-free Change: Guide to consolidating IT systems and rolling out new services in a payment processing environment

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Sep 01, 2010

As the economy continues to improve, banks and payment processors are focused on expanding market share, new product offerings and operational efficiencies as part of their long-term survival and growth strategies. New service roll-outs, migration efforts and consolidation projects are translating into a whole new set of IT performance challenges and operational risks. At the same time, IT systems are also being looked at as an integral component of a financial risk management strategy. The

Video: INETCO Insight of the Week #04 - Getting Down to Business with Transaction Metrics that Matter

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Jul 16, 2010

Banks, payment processors and other financial institutions need to reduce the risk of undetected stand-ins, improve straight through processing rates, identify transaction slowdowns, and resolve application or network outages by quickly getting to the heart of business transaction metrics that matter. Management of a complex payment transaction environment has traditionally required hours of resource-intensive data gathering and troubleshooting by capturing and correlating network, application

Video: INETCO Insight of the Week #5 - Combating The "Data Dilemma" with INETCO Insight

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Jul 02, 2010

How powerful is complete transaction data at your fingertips? Hard question to answer if you have never experienced this before. We live in a world of fragmented data. Most payment processors out there have a number of network management, application performance monitoring, and transaction log tools that provide deep dive information for application or switch performance and network infrastructure analysis. The downside of these deep dive tools is a lack of visibility into clouds, third party

Whitepaper: THE MISSING LINK: What your Existing Monitoring Solutions Don't Show

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Jun 22, 2010

Is it time to evaluate the ?next wave? of monitoring technologies? This whitepaper was written to help IT teams, working in payment processing environments, answer the question: ?Is my current monitoring strategy missing critical information that could make, break or optimize our business?? We start by taking a deep dive into internal and external factors shaping IT priorities within a payment processing environment. The next section will help you evaluate existing monitoring

Video: INETCO's Insight of the Week #3 - Seeking Shelter from the Blamestorm

by INETCO Systems Ltd.Jun 07, 2010

It's common to have a variety of partners managing various pieces of your payment processing environment - such as the payment networks, data centers, the switch technology, authorization gateways, issuers, and the banking systems -- especially as new services are tacked on, and mergers and acquisitions continue to rock the payment processing industry. But verifying the performance of silo'd departments and third party partners responsible for major components of your ATM and POS payment

Video: INETCO's Insight of the Week #2 - Fraud Squad, We Applaud You!

by INETCO Systems Ltd.May 22, 2010

Payment processors and other financial institutions devote a significant amount of time and effort to transaction monitoring, fraud analysis and the ability to isolate the heart of matters. In most environments, these "fraud squad" teams are still left piecing together transaction fragments, card trails, and network diagnostics like a shattered antique vase. But the time has come to work smarter not harder. Fraud squads are long overdue for new technology that can easily adapt to growing payment

Whitepaper: Cash N Go - Leading the ISO industry in customer service reliability with INETCO Insight

by INETCO Systems Ltd.May 10, 2010

Cash ?N Go processes thousands of financial transactions for their customers each day, generated from a variety of rural communities and major city centers. Their core business is built on guaranteeing the continuous uptime and reliability of all their ATMs in a cost effective manner. Some of the operational challenges associated with efficiently running this growing, nation-wide ATM network include: * Managing the performance of rural community dial-up ATMs * Quickly isolating the source