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Double-Take� Software is the standard in data protection for Microsoft Windows applications and provides accessible and affordable data replication and failover solutions for disaster recovery, high availability and centralized backup. With its partner programs and professional services, Double-Take Software is the solution of choice for over ten thousand customers, from SMEs to the Fortune 500, in the banking, finance, legal, retail, manufacturing, government, education and healthcare markets.

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Whitepaper: Six Data Protection Tips for SMBs

by Double-Take SoftwareOct 01, 2009

Limited resources and vulnerability to interruptions put small and midsize businesses at higher risk, and relying on native backup for a small business server can leave gaps in the disaster recovery plan. While native backup for Windows Small Business Server provides a small measure of protection, periodic tape backup can leave small businesses vulnerable to data and time loss in quantities they cannot afford. The key to getting back on track quickly is a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, including fast access to an up-to-the-minute copy of your data. Get six tips for an SMB approach to protecting critical data.

Whitepaper: Reducing the Costs and Risks of Branch Office Data Protection

by Double-Take SoftwareOct 01, 2009

Proven technologies such as Double-Take� Backup from Double-Take Software make it possible to reliably and cost-effectively back up branch office from a central location, in real-time to disk or tape � and even utilize existing tape backup solutions. Learn about how Double-Take Backup reduces the window for data loss, is more efficient than tape, and less costly than tape or other replications solutions.

Whitepaper: More Functionality, Less Infrastructure: Managed IT with Double-Take Flex

by Double-Take SoftwareOct 01, 2009

Learn about Double-Take� Flex - a cost-effective and flexible solution that will allow you to better manage desktops or servers by booting them from images stored on any iSCSI storage area network. Centralizing these workloads onto shared storage enables quicker provisioning, simpler migration and the ability to maintain operating systems and software on a handful of images rather than across hundreds or thousands of systems.

Whitepaper: How To Build And Protect Your Virtual Infrastructure

by Double-Take SoftwareNov 01, 2009

The single most important thing you can do is verify that your hardware will support your virtual infrastructure. Several companies have gone through the process of ordering hardware with a grand plan to virtualize their physical servers, only to realize that the servers don�t meet the necessary requirements specified by the virtualization vendor. Make sure you refer to the virtual product Web site for a hardware compatibility list and, at the very least, minimum operating requirements.

Whitepaper: Double-Take Workload Portability: X2X Sever and Storage Migration Solutions

by Double-Take SoftwareOct 01, 2009

Double-Take� Move provides migration functionality that dramatically reduces the impact and risk of migrations in the data center and across any geographic distance. Learn about the concerns that affect data, application and whole system migration. Explore existing methods of performing migrations and use case scenarios that describe a way to change how you perform migrations.

Whitepaper: Disaster Recovery Planning with Virtualization Technologies

by Double-Take SoftwareOct 01, 2009

Leveraging real-time replication and application availability for disaster recovery using solutions from Double-Take Software is a cost-effective way to ensure that a mission-critical application�s RPO and RTO goals are adequately met. Discover how combining Double-Take Software�s replication solutions with virtualization technologies, organizations can achieve additional flexibility and cost-efficiency while not sacrificing capabilities.