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Whitepaper: Leading Mortgage Lenders Keep Prospects Waiting

by Leads360 - Sales SoftwareAug 01, 2011

In this study of consumer response strategies across the mortgage lending industry, top mortgage lenders underperform on key customer service and sales effectiveness metrics and lead response benchmarks. In fact, 74 percent of lenders failed to attempt contact with a new lead via telephone within the first 24 hours after the lead was submitted. Only 58 percent of lenders responded via email within the same time frame. Beyond the unresponsive follow-up, nearly half of the lenders surveyed failed to average even a single call attempt to contact each prospect; clearly demonstrating an unacceptably low level of responsiveness to consumers.

Whitepaper: Customer Acquisition 101: Grading Insurance Carriers

by Leads360 - Sales SoftwareJul 01, 2011

Leads360 commissioned a "secret shopper" experiment to gauge how effectively insurance carriers respond to online inquiries. After collecting data to measure the consumer response strategies of a sample of 10 carriers, Leads360 compared it against established best practices and then assigned grades based on the performance of 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Although the performance of the sampled carriers varies widely, the results indicate that the consumer follow-up strategies employed by the average insurance carrier are not reaching their true potential due to lack of swift follow-up and due persistence.

Whitepaper: Six Calls To Success: Call Attempt Case Study

by Leads360 - Sales SoftwareOct 10, 2009

Leads 360 recently performed a study that shows six calls equals success when trying to contact a lead. According to Leads 360, on the first call attempt there is only a 39% chance of contacting that lead, making just one more attempted call increases the chance of contact to 72%. That�s an increase of 87% simply by making one more call attempt. However six is the magic number of call attempts.