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Infosys Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: INFY) defines, designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help Global 2000 companies win in a flat world. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to clients. Infosys creates these solutions for its clients by leveraging its domain and business expertise along with a complete range of services. With Infosys, clients are assured of a transparent business partner, world-class processes, speed of execution and the power to stretch their IT budget by leveraging the Global Delivery Model that Infosys pioneered.

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Whitepaper: A Guide to Short-Listing Vendors for RFI or RFP

by Infosys Technologies LtdOct 28, 2010

Clients are looking into the marketplace more often nowadays to buy a product or solution, rather than building it on their own. So the vendor evaluation process is getting more and more important. This process starts with short-listing a set of vendors for RFI or RFP. There are numerous vendors in the marketplace with different strengths and weakness and it is very difficult to figure out whom to include in the initial list. Cost of failure is very high as early omission of any unexplored

Whitepaper: A Cookbook for Managing Technology Upgrades

by Infosys Technologies LtdOct 28, 2010

Like changing seasons, technology upgrades are an unavoidable part of managing any IT systems. It is a project that is certain and recurring. It provides an opportunity to plan for the long term and invest early to get returns later. It is also unique because you may not have the full scope of work known upfront and may have to find solutions to the issues you uncover when you actually start the upgrade process. These unique features of tech upgrades allow a different kind of planning than usual

Whitepaper: Insurance New Product Introduction Using Agile Scrum Framework

by Infosys Technologies LtdOct 28, 2010

Key to success in a rapidly changing global economy is to respond to the change with a timely offering of new products. However, the legacy environment in most carriers stalls the speed to market. These systems usually lengthen cycle times and increase cost of product introduction. Scrum is an Agile framework and is increasingly getting popular, thanks to its proven track record of delivering high-quality results with less time, reduced effort, and lower cost. Insurance companies can use Scrum

Whitepaper: Quantitative Vendor Comparison Technique for RFP or RFI

by Infosys Technologies LtdSep 01, 2010

Clients are looking into the marketplace more often nowadays to buy a product or solution, rather than building it on their own. So it is extremely important for clients to follow an effective and efficient vendor selection process. In this article, I have presented a quantitative methodology to determine the best-fit vendor based on numerical scoring of vendor?s response to a RFP or RFI. In this approach, a total score in ?vendor points? is assigned to the overall RFP which is distributed

Whitepaper: Vendor Demonstration Guidelines And Best Practices For Clients

by Infosys Technologies LtdApr 10, 2010

In a vendor evaluation project, clients or buyers typically invite the short-listed vendors to demonstrate their product or solution through an in-person presentation. This is referred as ?vendor demonstration? in this article. Vendor demonstration is an important step in vendor selection process. The purpose of this article is to share guidelines and best practices for the vendor demonstration process from client?s or buyer?s perspective.

Whitepaper: Reducing Risks Maximizing Returns From HIPAA 5010 Transition

by Infosys Technologies LtdSep 01, 2009

Healthcare is a complex ecosystem with "many-to-many" interactions among payers, providers, clearinghouses, and employers. An enormous amount of data is exchanged between these entities on a daily basis using the standard X12 4010 transaction formats for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The mandate on the healthcare industry to move from HIPAA 4010 to 5010 transaction standards is both a source of opportunities and a transition laden with risks. Infosys believes that upfront planning and