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Rimini Street is the leading third-party provider of enterprise software support services. The company is redefining enterprise support services with an innovative, next-generation program that enables Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and SAP licensees to save at least 50% in annual support fees and to remain on their current software release without any required upgrades or migrations through 2020 and beyond. Global, Fortune 500, mid-market, and public sector organizations from nearly all industries have selected Rimini Street as their trusted, software vendor independent support provider. To learn more, please visit http://www.riministreet.com// or call (888) 870-9692 or internationally +1 (702) 839-9671.

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Webcast: The Secret to Funding Business Innovations through Dramatic Savings in IT

by Rimini Street, Inc.Mar 19, 2014

The Secret to Funding Business Innnovations through Dramatic Savings in ITOverview:
Want to know how effective CIOs not only deliver ongoing business value by challenging the status quo, but also free up funds for innovation and growth?Join this educational webinar to hear from Jay Ferro, CIO of the American Cancer Society, as he shares his experience on how to:Identify previously unseen savings opportunitiesEvaluate new vendor partnerships that can provide the best value at a much better

Webcast: Analyst Insight: How CIOs Can Elevate From Technology Caretaker to Innovation Partner

by Rimini Street, Inc.Jan 27, 2014

Learn how to fund what your business needs by cutting SAP® and Oracle® maintenance costs with Independent Support? Overview: The CIO role is changing fast and the impact of digital business disruption happening today could not be fiercer. Top CIOs are taking full advantage of these trends by finding novel alternatives to fund innovation and deliver what the business needs ? faster ? before the business charts its own course.Join Constellation Research and Rimini Street as they discuss how

Webcast: How to Negotiate Maintenance Discounts from Oracle and SAP

by Rimini Street, Inc.Nov 29, 2013

In a groundbreaking study, Constellation Research surveyed 184 organizations to understand the impact of third-party maintenance on their contract negotiations with Oracle or SAP. The research reveals how third-party maintenance can play a key role in providing pricing leverage and options in overall application and maintenance contract negotiations.

The conclusion? Savvy customers are no longer paying Oracle or SAP full price for annual maintenance.

Attend this webinar to

Whitepaper: Seven Reasons Why Software Licensees Choose Third-Party Support

by Rimini Street, Inc.Sep 01, 2009

Demand for third-party enterprise software support is exploding as converging factors drive hundreds of companies ? ranging from Fortune 500 and mid-market businesses to public sector organizations ? to leave vendor support for significant cost savings and better support value. Many more software licensees are just starting to explore the factors behind the increasingly popular decision to switch to third-party support. Find out if third-party software support is a fit for your organization.