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Whitepaper: Lmbench - An Extensible Micro-Benchmark Suite

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

This white paper from John Wiley & Sons explains Lmbench, which is a powerful and extensible suite of micro-benchmarks that measure a variety of important aspects of system performance. It has a powerful timing harness that manages most of the ""Housekeeping"" chores associated with benchmarking, making it easy to create new benchmarks that analyze systems or components of specific interest to the user.

Whitepaper: Experience With Integrating Java With New Technologies: C#, XML and Web Services

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

This paper presents experience with connecting it to Java in several ways. The first is by providing a common XML-based class for the development of programmer controlled GUIs, second provides evidence that C# can be linked to Java at the source code level, albeit through C++ wrappers and third is a means for retaining the useful applet feature of Java in a server-side architecture of .NET?s web services. This paper concludes that there are many common shared technologies that bring Java and C# close together, and that innovative ways of using others can open up opportunities not hitherto imagined.

Whitepaper: An AGENDA for Testing Relational Database Applications

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

In response to a lack of existing approaches specifically designed for testing database applications, this paper proposes a framework, design of a tool set and implementation to partially automate the process. The focus is on several aspects: populating a database with meaningful data that satisfy constraints, incorporating boundary values extracted from semantic constraints in the database application and database schema, checking the state after an operation has occurred, and checking output. These are components of a comprehensive tool set, AGENDA, which partially automates generation of a database and test cases, and assists the tester in checking the results.

Whitepaper: A Mobile Service Platform Using Proxy Technology

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

iMobile acts as a message gateway that allows mobile devices to relay messages to each other through various protocols on different access networks. It allows mobile devices to access internet services, corporate databases and to control various network devices. An info-let provides abstract view of information space. An app-let implements service or application logic by processing information from various info-lets. A dev-let receives and sends messages through any particular protocols for mobile devices. The iMobile modular architecture allows developers to write device drivers, information access methods and application logic independently from each other.

Whitepaper: Spam and Spyware: The Rampant Menace

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

Organizations with a sound antivirus infrastructure can take some consolation in the fact that their antivirus software will strip the malicious code from most inbound spam messages. Mail servers that are configured to strip executable attachments from incoming e-mail messages are contributing to the defense. Worse yet, antivirus programs have been ""Looking the other way"" when it comes to spyware. Spyware isn’t stopped by most firewalls, mail servers, or antivirus programs, and often the flaws let the spyware just waltz right in to end-user workstations to listen, snoop, and sometimes send data back to the hacker’s home base.

Whitepaper: Recruiting, Retaining, and Reskilling Campus IT Professionals

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

For various reasons, many institutions of higher education have lost touch with the research and best practices associated with recruiting and retention that are widely reported in HR journals as well as IT trade magazines and business publications. Although some recruiting and retention tactics such as stock options may be unique to private enterprise, the strategies and principles explored in this chapter are equally effective in an institution of higher education.

Whitepaper: Examining The Big Picture Of Project Management

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

Managing a project to create a new piece of software that can make or break entire organization is a tough decision for some project managers. The key to successful software project management is preparation. After one do the prep work for the project, one must execute their plan, take control of their project, and ultimately bring it to its successful conclusion. Software project management is a type of project management that focuses specifically on creating or updating software. Project management involves coordinating people, vendors, and resources. Project management requires excellent communication skills, leadership skills to enforce quality throughout project work.

Whitepaper: Maximising Single Connection TCP Goodput by Trading Bandwidth for BER

by John Wiley & SonsJan 01, 2008

All other conditions being equal, the end-to-end throughput of a TCP connection depends on the packet loss rate at the IP level. This is an issue when IP runs on a wireless link, where the bit error rate is variable and typically much higher than it is on fixed links. Especially on physical links where the bandwidth delay product is high, TCP performance is significantly impaired by apparently low values of the bit error rate. Generally speaking, on a wireless link bandwidth can be traded for information quality (error rate), the simplest method being to change the type or parameters of forward error correction. On this basis, it shows a general method of taking advantage of this trade-off in order to maximize the throughput of a TCP connection.