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Whitepaper: Ensuring You Have The Right Talent To Execute And Grow Your Business

by SoftscapeJul 30, 2010

There is little doubt that recessions breed a "hunker down" mentality among employees. Layoffs, pay freezes and cuts, hour cuts and furloughs, and a dismal job market all contribute to low employee morale and engagement. Once productive environments can quickly become toxic, further deteriorating productivity. Fortunately, there are steps you can take today to forestall the exodus of your top talent as economic recovery proceeds and the job market improves. This CEO guide provides three key tips

Whitepaper: The CEO's Guide to Succession Planning: Managing Risk and Ensuring Business Continuity

by SoftscapeJun 29, 2010

Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, and often viewed as replacement planning should catastrophe strike, today?s succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened in both breadth and scope to become a central component of board-level strategy. Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organization ?- risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, risk of retirees taking their skills and knowledge

Whitepaper: Top Five HR Process Integrations That Drive Business Value

by SoftscapeJun 01, 2010

According to Softscape?s 2010 State of Global People Management worldwide survey of human resources (HR) leaders, organizations with fully integrated HR and talent processes, systems, and data outperform those organizations that have not integrated by 41% across 12 key HR and business operating metrics. The key benefits of integration include: better internal talent mobility; decreased voluntary turnover; better workforce alignment to overall business strategy; improved workforce productivity;

Whitepaper: Talent-Based Learning: Goodbye To The Standalone LMS

by SoftscapeMar 30, 2010

This white paper from Softscape describes how talent-based learning provides a framework to truly track effectiveness of learning management across an organization and integrate those findings to improve workforce performance and productivity.

Whitepaper: The Definitive Guide To Talent Mobility

by SoftscapeMar 30, 2010

Softscape provides a white paper to address talent mobility. This report explores the importance of a talent mobility strategy, considerations for approaching and deploying the strategy and supporting technology, and the significant business benefits that it affords.

Whitepaper: HR Field Guide: 5 Tips To Effective Learning Management

by SoftscapeDec 31, 2009

Learning management systems (LMS) manage all aspects of education by automating and managing the administration, management, delivery, and end-user experience of blended learning programs. This field guide will explore five critical steps to ensure that you get the most out of your learning management investments.

Whitepaper: 2010 State Of Global People Management: HR's Guide To Economic Recovery

by SoftscapeDec 31, 2009

The year 2009 was extremely challenging and exhausting for many human resources (HR) leaders and practitioners due to the worst recession the world has experienced in many decades. Yet, as economies across the globe continue to transition from recession to recovery, there is a unique opportunity for HR leaders to take a more active and strategic role in facilitating this transition for their organizations.

Whitepaper: HR Data Security: How Secure Is Your SaaS Deployment

by SoftscapeNov 30, 2009

Human Resources (HR) data is one of the most sensitive forms of information any organization maintains. Ensuring the security of this data is therefore critical not only to preserve the sanctity of employees? highly personal information, but also to minimize legal risk to the organization as a whole. This issue takes on even more importance as organizations choose to deploy their talent management systems via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. With the costs of a data breach